Don’t Let Rejections Affect Your Sales

I bet almost all of us have experienced times when we feel it is just not our day, week or month. Nothing seems to go right and we simply cannot close deals or sales. If this happens, how often have you taken some time to think about the situation and the reasons behind it? Probably not always, and the reason is usually predictable – we have adapted a defeatist attitude and accepted rejections as a norm.

One might say that a situation where rejection has started to kill the spirit is one of the absolute low points a salesperson can hit, but luckily, things can be improved with a rather simple change in your mindset, and your actions.

You must strive to acknowledge rejections and deal with them in a positive manner. The easiest way to „get back on the horse“ is to fill the day with both positive and negative tasks – a tip sales guru Paul McCord has pointed out, too. Start the day with something positive, such as signing a contract with a client, then contact a few prospects who may turn you down, and end the day with something positive or rewarding to set you in a good mood for the next day.

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Our co-founder Urmas Purde has an alternative approach to dealing with rejections. He points out that successful salespeople don’t stop taking actions even when they are not successful. Slowing down on key activities such as making calls is one of the reasons of getting stuck in feeling down. It is not easy to stick to goals, tasks and schedule. But make sure to set yourself daily activity goals which let you experience the feeling of success even if you didn't close any sales that day.

No matter what your method of dealing with rejections, the one thing that is sure is that NOs will keep coming in and you just have to become better at handling them. If you want to know how many NOs you've already dealt with, and how many to expect every month or year, check out our NO Calculator to see your very personal (and not 100% scientific) infographic.