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How eTribez Used Pipedrive to Find a New Level of Sales Success

Mark Shed joined eTribez in January of 2018 with a clear mission to establish the outbound machine needed to fill up the pipelines of a sales team relying on him to hand off qualified leads.

But before we explain how Mark and the eTribez team used Pipedrive to develop a structured sales process and two simple sales pipelines to streamline their approach - we need to explain the fascinating niche eTribez have found.

eTribez is the entertainment industry’s leading digital solutions provider. Their cloud software provides broadcast networks and television companies around the world with a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline their production processes. Mark explains the challenge eTribez solves for the production companies behind some of the world's most popular tv shows and films:

“Think about a show like America’s Got Talent. 50,000+ people from around America want to enter an application. Everyone has entry details and a video application submitted. How does the production company manage all of this data?”

eTribez have developed a specific software solution to this problem.

“You could use email, spreadsheets and a bunch of different databases. But this is super expensive, time-consuming and hard to manage over multiple locations.”

eTribez organizes this data at scale to allow these companies to manage this process smoothly. Streamlining and automating is the hallmark of their product.

eTribez Pipedrive success story

The Quest to Find a CRM that Salespeople Would Actually Want to Use

Apart from Mark’s responsibility for setting up a structured sales process for the business - he also has the role of Sales Development Representative (SDR) for eTribez.

He is responsible for deciding whether a prospect is qualified enough to pass on to an Account Executive. In more technical terms, the prospect would go from the status of Marketing Qualified Lead to that of Sales Qualified Lead.

The stakes are high.

Mark needs to keep providing qualified leads to his sales team. If he doesn’t set up enough meetings, eTribez risks having salespeople being paid to sit around waiting for prospects to nurture.

Mark manages his SDR pipeline. When he qualifies a lead, he sets up a meeting. This constitutes a closed deal in his SDR pipeline, so he moves the contact to the sales pipeline and passes off the lead to a salesperson to manage.

For most of Mark’s career, he has worked with enterprise-level sales software and he became accustomed to dealing with complex, time-intensive technology.

Pipedrive wasn’t even on Mark’s radar until eTribez’s CEO suggested Pipedrive as a new alternative that the team’s salespeople might actually use properly. Mark began to investigate Pipedrive, but with some significant trepidation:

“Sales software is always sold to the C-level. That’s what I was used to. I was skeptical of Pipedrive at the beginning. I didn’t believe I would actually find a tool that a sales team would not see as a chore. But I grew to love it.”

Mark initially worked with Pipedrive on the lowest tier plan, but his sales team were using so many different techniques and processes - making it almost impossible for him to produce accurate reports and forecasts.

“Pipedrive wasn’t truly utilized as a central tool for sales. This was a concept I wanted to develop when I came into the business. We were using a collection of separate tools which resulted in a lot of information missing from the system so you can’t really use it to its full potential or get a full picture of what’s really going on. Information was missing. Our updates were not frequent. We weren’t maximizing the value of our efforts.”

There was still so much work to be done for Mark to get the team’s sales process into a position where all relevant information was housed in one place. Luckily, Pipedrive’s activity-based-selling approach and kanban-style pipeline view made Mark’s organizational mission so much easier.

“Nobody had taken the time to set up clear rules and process for the different stages in our pipeline. It was messy. I found Pipedrive was so convenient to help me organize this. It’s very visual and intuitive.”

You really need to see the drag-and-drop interface to understand how Pipedrive simplifies the sales process for reps using the CRM.

How eTribez Used Pipedrive to Make their Sales Team Unstoppable

eTribez were using a collection of different tools with individuals using their own unique process. This makes it so difficult to minimize manual work. Visibility for multiple people working on the same deal is a huge challenge. Accurate sales reporting and forecasting takes so much more time when you’re patching together data from a collection of siloed tools.

While Mark was excited about the improvements Pipedrive had already afforded his team, he knew an upgrade to a different plan would provide multiple invaluable benefits.

Pipedrive has a collection of time-saving features to help you upgrade your sales process from tedious to seamless. The tools available will help growing sales teams scale faster, bringing new levels of revenue within reach.

Mark knew he’d be able to drive adoption among the team more quickly, he’d be able to slash so much time his team was spending on administrative tasks, and he’d be able to bring all of his team’s data into that simple, singular hub.

“We needed that one central system to manage our sales. It was a mess of siloes everywhere.”

Fully Sync Your Company Email to Keep All Info on Your Contacts in One Place

Email sync to keep all your sales data in one hub

Mark knew email sync would be a game-changing addition to the sales process he was responsible for developing. Centralized data was a non-negotiable for eTribez. Without email sync, Mark would have to manually organize this information himself.

“My main consideration for upgrading was simple. I needed email sync. SDR is honed to automation. I manage the junction of marketing and sales so metrics are super important. I need to work with metrics all of the time. It’s so important for me to cut the time we spend on managing data entry and documenting emails.”

When working on a deal, it’s crucial to be on top of conversations. Our full, two-way email sync lets you do just that.

“Email sync is critical. Immediately, I knew the value of this feature. Now, everybody on the team is on the new plan and everybody’s emails are synced automatically. That saves us a load of time that otherwise would be spent on documenting these emails within our CRM to make sure we have transparency for anyone else related to a given deal to see what’s happening at any given time.”

Track when Prospects Open Your Email or Click on Your Links

Pipedrive's Gold plan email tracking tool

With email open and click tracking, you will receive instant notifications when a prospect opens and reads your email. You will also be notified if they’ve clicked on any links, giving you a timely heads up on the best moment to follow up.

You can connect your Pipedrive Sales Inbox with any major email provider and enjoy the convenience of being able to link your conversations with contacts and deals. His team can send emails inside the Sales Inbox and keep themselves across their highest priority activities with Pipedrive’s helpful email reminders.

“We always use the pointers on the activities you have coming up and you can quickly locate the profile of a contact you are currently working on.”

Send More Emails in Less Time with Customizable Email Templates

Pipedrive Gold's email templates

You can send more emails while maintaining a significant personal touch with the Email Templates tool. You can create and customize your own email templates or get started by using some of our preset samples.

If you’re looking to scale your sales output and save time on admin tasks - this feature is a must-have.

Mark and the sales team at eTribez use the Yesware email automation platform to manage their email marketing campaigns, so this feature is not a necessity. Luckily, Pipedrive offers a simple Yesware integration to allow Mark and the team to keep all of their data in the one centralized hub Mark was so desperate to develop.

Pre-Qualify Your Leads at the Click of a Button with Smart Contact Data

Pipedrive Gold Plan Smart Contact Data

Need to quickly find out valuable info about your leads? Pipedrive has got you covered.

With our Smart Contact Data feature, you can instantly search for detailed information on contacts and organizations. Mark knew this would be a big lure for the eTribez account executives to get excited about using Pipedrive.

“I used the Smart Contact Data feature as the way to get the sales team excited about the upgrade. I knew email sync would be the most critical factor for our business, but I also knew the sales team would be so much more excited about the possibility of using this Smart Contact Data feature. It’s a time-saver for them and you can immediately see how it can directly help you save time as a salesperson. So I used this as the key adoption focus and it helped me so much with the training I delivered to our team.”

Share Your Availability and Let Clients Quickly Book a Suitable Time for Both of You

Pipedrive Gold plan's scheduler

With the Scheduler tool, you can wave goodbye to back and forth emails.

Mark’s business development role revolved around qualifying leads for his sales team. A prospect is considered qualified when they are ready to schedule a meeting.

The Scheduler allows clients to conveniently check your availability and schedule a time suitable for them and for you. You can appreciate the value of this tool for Mark and his team. Mark immediately banished hours worth of admin time out of his team’s workload each and every week.

Create Custom Products to Match Your Business Needs

Whether you specialize in selling software or real estate, you can tie what you sell into your deals in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive’s higher tier plans let you create, customize and catalog your own unique Products. Add product codes, quantity, costs, notes, and more.

On top of that, you’ll be able to standardize pricing and clearly categorize and label deals as needed.

Etribez aren’t using the Products feature right now, but Mark had this in his sights as soon as Etribez upgraded. What his team sells varies according to the specific needs of the lead.

Some productions need to manage casting, others audition scheduling, others bulk applications and many just need production management. Incorporating this information would improve that visibility for the multiple people working across individual accounts.

Mark is expecting to put the products feature into action to further focus his sales team’s efforts before the end of the year.

Pipedrive Gold plan Products feature

One Last Critical Reason to try Pipedrive and Learn from the eTribez Team’s Success

If you’re making the decision to try a new CRM, you have to consider the adoption process. Structured, scalable selling requires a consistent, repeatable approach. If the salespeople using your CRM don’t, can’t or won’t use the system properly - you’ll create more problems than you’ll solve.

Mark knew this from the outset.

The simplicity and usability of Pipedrive was perfect for the team’s needs. But the upgrade offered Mark the extra tools he needed to scale his sales process effectively.

“Even though this is the best CRM I have worked on in my life, the adoption process is still hard. Salespeople have all these pressure and all this stuff to get done. Any new tool - no matter how beautiful it is or how easy it is to use - is still difficult to sell to your sales team! But the usability factor of Pipedrive is a huge sell. The drag and drop interface is so much more intuitive than anything I’ve worked with before. Pipedrive from the get-go made it easier to train.”

Email sync was the critical asset. Mark could create his centralized sales hub to slash his data management time and allow clear visibility to everyone involved in a given deal.

Even better - the Smart Contact Data tool was the carrot he needed to dangle in front of his team to get them into positive habits. He knew once his team tried the Pipedrive system, they’d immediately understand the helpfulness and simplicity of the CRM.

Mark and the eTribez team have managed to drive significant growth for their business, scaling their sales to a new level and carving out a clear position as the market leader in their industry.

Your business can learn from the success of eTribez. Start your 14-day free trial of Pipedrive right now to see how you can slash your team’s admin and simplify your sales process.

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