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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: December 2019

In this month’s rundown of the latest apps in the Pipedrive Marketplace, we find out about five that can help you connect with customers, prospects and colleagues.

  1. Mluvii
  2. Outplay
  3. Quoter
  4. Taliscape
  5. Trengo
Mluvii logo

1. Mluvii

Mluvii Pipedrive

Mluvii is a browser-based communication platform suitable both for contact centers and for sales teams who want to have effective conversations with their customers.

With mluvii you can operate all of these channels from one interface, with no installation required: web/app chat, video calls, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, chatbots, email clients, IP phones, real-time sharing and co-browsing tools.

Once you connect mluvii with your Pipedrive account, the customers who you connect to are recognized and automatically paired with their existing deal in Pipedrive. When each phone/messenger/video call/etc. session ends, mluvii adds a note with the transcript of the conversation to the Pipedrive deal.

Check mluvii out in the Marketplace.

Outplay is a multi-touch sales outreach platform that helps sales teams book more meetings via emails, calls, text/SMS, voicemail, LinkedIn, chat and more.

With Outplay’s native integration with Pipedrive, you can automatically enroll your Pipedrive contacts into sequences on Outplay and sync the engagement activities—including email sent, replied and call notes—back to your Pipedrive contact record.

Whether you’re in the outbound sales team, inbound sales team or the recruiting team, Outplay can help you engage with your prospects with a more human approach, maximizing the chances of booking a meeting.

How Outplay can help your sales reps book more meetings:

  1. Automatically import your prospects
  2. Automatically enroll prospects into Outplay sequences
  3. Automatically sync Outplay activities with Pipedrive

Find Outplay in the Pipedrive Marketplace and try it out for yourself.


3. Quoter

Quoter is a cloud-based sales quoting platform that helps technology service providers sell more and get paid faster.

Created by the developers that built IT Glue, Quoter is lightning fast, friendly to use and designed to get more people quoting.

Quoter integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive, enabling the following:

  • When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing Pipedrive Contact and Deal, or create new ones automatically.
  • When a Quote is created or updated in Quoter, the Pipedrive Deal will be updated with the value of the Quote.
  • When a Quoter Quote is won or lost, Quoter will update the status of the Pipedrive Deal Opportunity according to the mapping settings you configure.

Their unlimited user pricing plans coupled with automation workflows allow you to empower more of your staff to sell, without fear of losing control.


4. Taliscape

Taliscape helps you to forecast and manage the work being done by your sales team. Once a lead from Pipedrive becomes realistic, a project is created in Taliscape and then you can easily build out the team that will complete the work.

Taliscape was designed as a project-centric forecasting, staffing and team management platform. It helps manage your team and finances, and even allows team members that are assigned to projects to bill their time.

Give Taliscape a try, head to the Marketplace and test it for free.


5. Trengo

Trengo inbox Pipedrive

Trengo enables efficient lead, client and team communication by integrating all communication channels into a super collaborative team inbox.

Where normal email clients do not innovate, Trengo helps companies to increase productivity by offering a shared inbox that gives teams the ability to assign conversations to the right agent, tag colleagues and chat internally.

You can also add channels like LiveChat, the WhatsApp’s business API, Facebook Messenger, Voice, SMS, Telegram, WeChat, Twitter and more. It’s even possible to automate conversations on those channels using bots.

Connect Trengo with Pipedrive by finding them in the Marketplace and experience next-level productivity.

For more Pipedrive integrations, check out last month’s Marketplace app spotlight.

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