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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: March 2020

There are well over 200 apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace, some of which help you better manage your customer data while others help you sync up with colleagues. There are even a few that power up the other Pipedrive integrations you’ve already set up. Here are four integrations to test out in March 2020.

  1. Zapier
  2. Automate.io
  3. Insycle
  4. Helpwise

1. Zapier

Zapier integration

Zapier is an automation tool that supports thousands of the most popular apps, including Gmail, Slack and Todoist. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (called “Zaps”) that turn Pipedrive into a sales workflow hub—no code required.

Empower your team to get more done with Zaps designed to create new leads from sources like social media ads or forms, update deal status, attach files to accounts and much more.

Here are some things you can do with Zapier and Pipedrive:

  • Add new Typeform entries to Pipedrive as deals
  • Add new Facebook ad leads as people in Pipedrive
  • Create Pipedrive deals when there is a new submission in Gravity Forms

Zapier has also done the following to upgrade the interaction:

  • Added a new Find Product(s) search feature
  • Updated all deal-related triggers, actions and searches so that they’re easier to use
  • Sped up Zap times for New Deal, Updated Deal and Updated Deal Status

The Pipedrive integration has recently been overhauled. You can find out more about all the new features that have been launched.

Discover what else you can do with Zapier and Pipedrive in our Marketplace.

2. Automate.io


Automate.io is a simple tool that allows you to connect your favorite web apps and automate your marketing, sales and business processes.

Using Automate.io, you can integrate Pipedrive with 100+ apps and create workflow automations to make your sales process more efficient. You can also automate your routine tasks using a drag-n-drop interface, no coding required.

Here are popular Pipedrive workflows you can create in minutes using Automate.io:

  • Automatically sync leads from your lead generation forms
    (e.g Facebook Lead Ads, Gravity Forms, Typeform)
  • Auto-enrich contact data by integrating Pipedrive with lead enrichment tools
    (e.g. Clearbit, FullContact)
  • Notify your team on Slack of a new deal or when a deal is won
  • Backup contacts or deal data to Google Sheets or use it for reporting
  • Sync Pipedrive activities to Trello or Asana

Head to the Pipedrive Marketplace and check out Automate.io.

3. Insycle

Insycle is a modern customer data management solution that integrates with Pipedrive. It helps sales managers work more efficiently with data, manage their sales teams and spend less time on mundane data management tasks. Insycle also empowers sales operations teams to take a deeper, more thorough approach to data process management.

Using Insycle, you can:

  • Deduplicate people, organizations and deals, and then smart merge them in bulk using flexible rules and automation
  • Improve lead routing and load balance with bulk re-assignments, advanced data grouping and updateable reports
  • Associate free-floating, unassociated people with organizations using any field
  • Cleanse data to create standardization and consistency
  • Import and enrich data without fear of creating errors and duplicate records
  • Preview changes before they go live
  • Automate data cleansing processes to run at regular intervals

When you connect Insycle and Pipedrive, Insycle will begin auditing your customer data to generate a powerful data health assessment. This assessment identifies more than 30 common data errors throughout your CRM and directs you toward the correct tool and template for fixing each issue.

Learn about the 6 Ways Insycle Helps Pipedrive CRM Sales Teams Be More Effective.

Insycle is available on the Pipedrive Marketplace and there’s a free seven-day trial.

4. Helpwise


Helpwise is a shared inbox software for email, SMS and WhatsApp that integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive. By creating these team inboxes, team members can collaborate around customer conversations, assign and share their workloads and automate processes.

With Helpwise in place, your team will never miss a single customer conversation and won't accidentally send duplicate replies. Businesses can also create and host an SEO-friendly Help Center (knowledge base), setup automation rules and integrate with other business tools.

If you are replying to a customer email or chat or WhatsApp message, Helpwise fetches that customer and deal’s information from Pipedrive. You can also change the stage of that customer or deal right from the message thread.

You can start with a free Helpwise plan and set up your first team mailbox in minutes. Find out how to integrate Helpwise with Pipedrive in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Check out the last App Spotlight for more great Pipedrive integrations.

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