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Pipedrive Marketplace monthly apps spotlight: March 2022

Looking to start the second quarter of 2022 with new tools at your disposal? In this month’s Marketplace spotlight we look at Bonjoro’s video platform and Nextup.ai’s Pipedrive-Slack integration.

Check out what they could do for your business.


Bonjoro helps companies build a loyal customer base and convert more leads with its all-in-one video platform.

The Pipedrive-Bonjoro integration allows you to set up triggers in your Pipedrive funnel to automatically send personalized videos to your audience. Bonjoro makes it easy to record, share and track video emails so your content stands out in your prospects’ cluttered inbox.

With the Pipedrive-Bonjoro integration, you can:

  • Create and share videos at the right time based on events that occur in your Pipedrive account (such as when a deal has been added)

  • Add a custom call to action on branded landing pages where your video is embedded so it’s super easy for your prospect to book a call or give a review

  • Measure the impact of your videos and see how your audience is engaging

You can join over 20,000 businesses, including Saas companies, agencies and eCommerce brands, by signing up to Bonjoro today.


Deals+ from Nextup.ai connects Slack and Pipedrive, meaning you always have the info you need without having to switch platforms.

With Deals+, you can create, update and reference CRM information in Slack and set up alerts to make sure you always follow up in time.

The Pipedrive-Nextup.ai integration enables you to:

  • Automatically manage CRM records without switching between Pipedrive and Slack

  • Sync Slack conversations with prospects to the corresponding deal in Pipedrive

  • Customize notifications to avoid spamming your channels

  • View your Pipedrive to-do list directly in Slack and stop losing track of your workload

You can try Deals+ for free for 14 days in the Pipedrive Marketplace (accurate as of 30th March) and start working more productively.

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