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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: October 2021

This month, we bring you an integration that can help you automate your workflow and an app that gamifies your sales and motivates your teams. There’s also our integration with project management app Monday.

  1. Bardeen

  2. Aspirly

  3. Monday


Bardeen automates your repetitive tasks with Pipedrive to help you reclaim your time and focus.

With a keyboard shortcut, you can create a contact from a LinkedIn profile page, add Pipedrive tasks and associate emails with deals.

Bardeen works where you do: You can trigger an automation from anywhere on your computer and input relevant information.

The scraper feature further empowers Pipedrive users to create deals faster without having to copy-paste information between tabs.

It takes one click to create a deal out of Github profiles (for recruiters), Zillow listings (for real estate professionals), Upwork job posts (for agencies) and any other website.

Discover pre-built Pipedrive automations in the playbook catalog to breeze through your repetitive tasks.


Aspirly is an employee engagement and gamification platform designed to transform work experience, ignite motivation and most importantly increase revenue.

The platform utilizes milestones, missions, levels and challenges to create an engaging working environment. Different competitions including contests, leagues and championships between individuals and teams motivate all employees to improve their output. All departments in a business, from sales and development to support and Human Resources, can take advantage of Aspirly.

To get started, choose the activities to engage in, select players individually or in teams and then later reward and recognize their performance.


Monday.com is a project management tool that allows you to create streamlined workflows and improve alignment in teams.

Using the Pipedrive-Monday integration, you can easily synchronize your activities in Pipedrive to Monday.com by automatically creating a new item whenever a deal, activity or contact is added in Pipedrive. That way, you can make Pipedrive’s deals, contacts and activities part of your project management, boost your productivity and save your reps valuable time.

With only a few clicks, you can map any of the following into Monday:

  • Deal

  • Activity

  • Person

  • Organization

  • Special fields for activities: connected deal, deal email and deal phone number

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