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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates April 2021

How we’ve improved Pipedrive in the last month:

  • You can now share your Insights dashboards internally with team members
  • You can now import your leads with their accompanying custom fields and notes
  • There’s now no limit to the number of notes you can add to a lead
  • You can change the visibility settings in Leads Inbox to hide certain leads from other users
  • Advanced users and above can now send emails to leads from within their Leads Inbox, complete with Sales Inbox templates, as well as open and click-tracking functionality
  • Advanced users and above can also edit the name that appears when they send emails from Pipedrive (though this feature is not available on Microsoft servers)
  • Pipedrive Community members now receive a notification in Sales Assistant when someone interacts with them on Community

Share dashboards internally

All Pipedrive users can now internally share dashboards and the reports in them with other team members, even if they are not an admin. This allows everyone on the team to track the same performance metrics and see how close they are to reaching their goals.

You can share dashboards and reports with:

  • Everyone
  • A team or multiple teams
  • A user or multiple users

However, users will only be able to see the information on the report or dashboard that they are allowed to see, based on their permission settings. Colleagues will be notified when you share a report with them.

Read more about the new feature.

Improvements we’ve made to lead management

You can now import your leads’ accompanying custom fields and notes, which also means you can have your leads’ notes organized separately from your activities and emails.

However, you can still find details of older notes and activities from before this update in their respective tabs. Don’t forget, you can always pin a note to the top of your lead that will remain there regardless of which tab you’re in.

You can also now hide your leads from other Pipedrive users on your team.

Perhaps you have a long-term contact whose general information is vital to share with your team, but the contact’s open lead that you have in your Leads Inbox has intricate details, notes and activities that you’d rather keep for your own eyes only.

Advanced users and above have more email features

Advanced users and above can now send emails to leads from within their Leads Inbox, complete with Sales Inbox templates, as well as open and click-tracking functionality.

Most outgoing and incoming emails will now connect to your leads in your Leads Inbox automatically, keeping you up to date on where the conversation is.

However, you can disable this automatic email association in your email sync settings at any time. Furthermore, if you receive a new email from a contact and you have multiple leads or deals open for the same contact, you may need to head to your Sales Inbox to make that association manually—even if you keep the automatic email association enabled.

You can also now edit the name that appears when you send emails from Pipedrive. However, this feature is not available on Microsoft servers, as Microsoft servers do not allow editing of the sender name. You can use this feature on Gmail and any other IMAP service, as long as the server allows it.

Track Community interactions with Sales Assistant

Now if you’re active in the Pipedrive Community, you’ll receive notifications whenever you get interactions in Sales Assistant.

This article was published on April 8, 2021. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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