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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates October 2020

Find out about all the big changes we’ve made to Pipedrive in the last month, including updates to Activities and how Pipedrive stores leads. We also share information about our improved LeadBooster add-on. Most of our updates affect all our users, so watch the video and read the article below.

LeadBooster has been upgraded

Alongside Chatbot and Live Chat, we have added Prospector and Web Forms to our LeadBooster add-on to give you more control over your lead generation process and help you find and focus on the best leads.

LeadBooster consists of four powerful features, including Prospector, which allows you to search a global database for your next opportunity:

  • Prospector finds outbound leads from a database of 400 million profiles and 10 million companies based on your ideal customer profile. Use credits to reveal verified emails, direct phone numbers and social profiles of your most desired matches.
  • Web Forms provides inbound leads with an easy and reliable way to share their contact information with you. Share or embed highly customizable and easy-to-build forms on your website and let the leads roll in.
  • Chatbot enables you to automatically engage with people on your website and save qualified visitors as leads. Easily customize the look of your Chatbot, the questions it asks and how it replies.
  • Live Chat notifies you when a human connection is needed on Chatbot. Available reps can seamlessly take over conversations started by a Chatbot from anywhere, including their mobile device.

With Prospector, you just set up a filter according to the conditions that make sense for you. You can specify conditions for the organization such as industry and employee size or filter by specific person attributes, like job title.

Now, you can better target your company’s or product’s specific demographic and generate contact data for yourself or your teams.

Read more about LeadBooster in our blog article or watch the video below.

New leads appear in your Contact List, with custom field options

New leads added to your Leads Inbox will now also appear as a contact in your Contact List.

Better still, the custom fields you’ve created for your deals are now accessible for your leads as well. This means that, when you convert a lead into a deal, all your fields will transfer across as well.

To help you focus on what’s important, Pipedrive only displays fields that actually have data in them when you’re viewing a lead, just like in your other detail views. You can also expand or collapse other areas like the Person or Organization.

For now, you can use text, large text, single and multiple options, date, numerical, monetary, and phone fields for your leads, but more are coming soon.

See the information you want in Activities and Insights

We’ve also made some changes to Activities and Insights.

We know you don’t always want to edit an activity every time you click on it, sometimes you just want to know more details about the contacts invited to the activity or more details about the deal.

Now you can just hover your mouse over the items associated with your activity as you create or edit them to quickly see more information.

We’ve also changed Insights so you can now filter your reports while in the dashboard view by date ranges and users.

For example, if you have a report in your dashboard looking at all the deals you’ve won, you can just filter by specific date ranges. If you’re a Professional user, you can also filter by Teams.

Pipedrive will remember whatever you’ve configured, so if you leave and then return you’ll still have your filters applied. One thing to note, however, is these filters won’t affect the public links you share with people: these will still just show the results of the reports you set up.

More accolades for Pipedrive

We’re pleased to announce that Pipedrive has been named in Forbes’ Cloud 100 list, which is considered the definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world.

We were also recognized by Martech Breakthrough awards as the overall best CRM solution of 2020.

We’re also one of the first companies to join Samsung AppStack, a New Cloud Marketplace for SMBs.

Keep an eye on our blog and the “What’s planned” section of our Community to learn about more new features.

This article was published on October 1, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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