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Pipedrive product updates 2023: All the big changes

Product Updates 2023
AI-powered Sales Assistant (beta)
Power plan
Automatic assignment
Email multi-sync
Booster add-on packs
More exciting innovations from 2023

Pipedrive evolved in 2023. From our first AI feature to a brand new pricing option, we’ve constantly been developing Pipedrive to make the working lives of our customers easier. Here are (almost) all the ways we improved Pipedrive this year.

AI-powered Sales Assistant (beta)

2023 is the year Pipedrive developed its first AI feature: Sales Assistant.

The AI-powered Sales Assistant, currently in beta, analyzes your sales pipeline and activities, identifying unique sales patterns and preferences.

The feature then assesses deal win probability and suggests the best next step for each deal in your pipeline – helping sales teams increase focus and prioritize the best deals.


At the start of the year, we launched a brand new add-on, Projects, a project management tool that is now also part of our latest Power pricing tier – more on that later!

Projects takes advantage of Pipedrive CRM’s award-winning usability features, enabling you to map out complex projects in a simple and intuitive way with our familiar kanban board view.

With our all-in-one project management solution, you can create to-do lists with tasks and subtasks and easily track projects with labels, custom fields and filters.

Power plan

We launched a new pricing tier in May 2023: Power.

Designed to empower larger teams with flexible collaboration and support, Power provides users with all the features available in Professional with these additions:

  • Project management, planning, tracking and delivery

  • Phone support and CRM onboarding

  • Scalable control of account permissions and visibilities

Power is the perfect plan for established cross-department sales teams that need one tool to manage deals and projects.

If you run a larger team and need scalable collaboration capabilities, higher usage limits and premium project management features, try Pipedrive’s Power CRM plan.

Automatic assignment

The automatic assignment feature is Pipedrive’s lead distribution software and can automatically assign new sales leads and prospects to a person or team in your sales department.

With automatic assignment, you can set up and prioritize distribution rules in Pipedrive that suit your business needs.

One simple way to use it, for example, is to set up a rule to route new leads to the right team or rep based on location so that prospects get assigned to reps in the same timezone.

Alternatively, if you need a specific team assigned to high-value deals, you can create a rule saying that all deals above a certain value are routed to and distributed among reps in that team.

Automatic assignment is available on the Professional, Power and Enterprise plans.

Email multi-sync

We upgraded our Sales inbox in 2023, launching a feature enabling users on higher plans to sync multiple email accounts with Pipedrive. This means you can track and manage emails from several inboxes in one place.

Like automatic assignment, email multi-sync is available on Professional, Power and Enterprise plans. Here are the syncing limits per plan:

  • Professional – two per user

  • Power – three per user

  • Enterprise – five per user

We’ve also added email labels that you can use to categorize the messages in your inbox and tag your most important emails.

Booster add-on packs

Customers in Professional can purchase extra limits when approaching specific feature caps.

Here are the three booster packs available:

  1. Team management pack – add custom permission sets, custom visibility groups and extra teams

  2. Automations pack – add more automations to your account

  3. Reports pack – add more reports to your Insights dashboard

Share Automations

More exciting innovations from 2023

The features listed above are just a few of the updates we made to Pipedrive this year. Here are some of the ways we’ve improved Pipedrive’s features:


At the start of the year, we created four new template collections:

  • Focus on deals – stay on top of your sales pipeline.

  • Engage with leads – keep your leads in the loop.

  • Optimize work – streamline your daily activities.

  • External apps – connect Pipedrive to your other tools.

You can also share and transfer the ownership of automations – anyone can transfer an automation they own to an admin, and admins can transfer automation ownership to anyone on the team.

Global admins can share automations with all other users in their company account. Users without automation permissions will only see automations shared with them.

Global admins can also see the entire execution history of shared automations, while other admins and regular users can only see the information related to executions they own.

Another big change to automations is the “wait for condition” step, which allows you to have an action executed within a specified time period, as long as it meets the conditions you’ve defined.


We’ve made significant updates to Insights this year to strengthen collaboration between team members:

  • Collaboration – collaborate in real time on shared reports and dashboards

  • Duplication – copy existing reports and dashboards to save time

  • Data Export – download all your key data in list view to access it anytime

  • Contact Reports – build reports on people and organization and get granular, actionable insights on your contact data

  • Customizable colors – better visualize your sales data by choosing custom colors for specific segments

Pipeline, deals and fields

You can now customize deal cards and sorting filters, group deals and use favorite tabs to make your most important data easy to find.

We’ve also added a new custom field option to Pipedrive, which enables users to calculate formulas and results based on the data that has been inputted into other fields.

Here are some of the other fields we’ve introduced in 2023:

  • Pipeline-specific fields – hide certain fields from specific pipelines to declutter the deal detail view

  • Read-only fields – avoid changes to sensitive data and reduce accidental edits

  • Data field grouping – organize your custom fields into groups, making it easier to find the field you need


Here are the updates released this year to help you create a customizable catalog of your company’s products and services:

  • Apply tax-exclusive product pricing

  • Add a product discount as a fixed amount and set up an additional discount that will be applied to all products attached to a deal

  • Personalize the product catalog with images so you can easily find the right product and create compelling offers

You can also now export the full list of products attached to deals directly from Pipedrive with the global export function.

Permission and visibility groups

We’ve enabled users to define settings for pipeline visibility and introduced new permissions that provide customers with the opportunity to restrict who can transfer the ownership of items, who can add new items to their Pipedrive account and who can edit items that belong to other users.

User experience

We’ve worked on two big changes to how Pipedrive looks:

  1. Customize the navigation bar to suit your preferences

  2. A dark theme (beta)


If you haven’t visited the Marketplace recently, you may not have noticed the ways we’ve revamped the home page with new app recommendations and categories.

There are over 400 available apps on the Marketplace, including an integration with the market-leading marketing platform Mailchimp.

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