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How Pipedrive Pollinated UrbanStems' Lead Generation

Find out how New York-based on-demand flower delivery service UrbanStems used Pipedrive to scale their business, manage their leads and bring order to their sales department.

In full bloom - the UrbanStems story

UrbanStems is an on-demand flower delivery service that was created to make gifting fun and easy.

The company offers fresh, seasonal bouquets starting at just $35, with personal touches like a note from the sender and free two-hour delivery by bike messenger.

They currently deliver in New York City (Most of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of Long Island), the Washington, DC Metro Area (most areas within the Beltway), Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Diversifying lead generation:

As UrbanStems established their business, they felt that simply relying on web traffic and the resultant orders was limiting their growth and opportunity.

UrbanStems moved to actively generating leads and pursuing recurring corporate clients. They relied on Excel to keep track of leads but were finding that it was severely restricting the efficiency of customer follow-up.

Often the follow-up would be late or at the wrong time in the sales cycle. As a small team, this proved very limiting. They tried several CRM solutions before settling on Pipedrive, finding that others were overly complicated to set-up and that there was no easy, automated way of importing their existing sales data.

“One specific part of our sales that was not working great was us remembering to follow up with people and keeping track of the customer journey. Once we start generating inbound leads, it can really build up and it can be easy to forget follow up at the right time. It became necessary for us to use a better platform.” - Seth Kramer, Associate at Urban Stems

Pipedrive to the rescue:

In a bid to acquire inbound leads, UrbanStems started using Zaarly, a combination lead generation and outreach tool. This produced very usable target lists, but the problem arose once these targets responded and showed interest in the product. UrbanStems quickly realized that relying on an Excel spreadsheet to track these leads and the sales interaction with them was not cutting it.

“We couldn’t see how the email chain was going. It didn’t update when there was follow ups and obviously, all the things Pipedrive is great at, the spreadsheets just didn’t do.” - Seth Kramer.

When they first started using Pipedrive, they were creating contacts manually, but now they use the email sync feature, which allows the creation of deals and contacts directly from your inbox. Now, all new leads are placed in the correct stage of the pipeline, allowing UrbanStems to track deal progress and client interaction while also solving the problem of not doing client touches at the correct stage of the deal.

Gaining more traction:

After switching to Pipedrive, UrbanStems almost immediately started gaining more traction with more and bigger clients. Despite being a very small sales team, the organization and focus gained through the use of Pipedrive meant a larger group of prospects could be targeted and a larger client and lead list successfully managed.

The organization and order established by Pipedrive has allowed the sales team to bring in solid sales processes that open more time for free-thinking sales strategy while also looking ahead and planning at least six months in advance.

What does the future hold?

“We want to continue growing our sales to corporate accounts, and we plan to use Pipedrive to help facilitate our sales organization as grow to more people and are managing more and more leads.” - Seth Kramer

Why Pipedrive?

“The first thing that sold me on Pipedrive was the really good tutorials. I could immediately tell that it would be an easy platform to use and that it was perfect for our business.” - Seth Kramer

UrbanStems had tried and abandoned two other CRM solutions before settling on Pipedrive. The catalyst for switching to a CRM was the hiring of a new employee, who had Pipedrive recommended to him by a former colleague.

UrbanStems tried two other competitors first. They found Salesforce IQ to be far too complicated to set up, especially when it came to importing existing deals.

“It (Salesforce IQ) was painful to set up and awfully complicated to use. It was actually after we had put in the leads that we realized that it was the wrong platform for our business entirely.” - Seth Kramer.

They went on to try Pipelinedeals but experienced similar issues, before landing on the solution - Pipedrive.

“We found it really easy to import everything and as soon as we got all of the leads uploaded to Pipedrive we stopped using anything else almost immediately.” - Seth Kramer.

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