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Simplify Remote Meetings with the Seamless Zoom Integration

Schedule, start and manage Zoom calls from Pipedrive to get sales context during calls and to save time switching between tools.

With more sales demos and meetings taking place online now than ever before, salespeople are juggling additional tasks on top of their original responsibilities. You have to make sure your prospects get the right invites, switching back and forth between your calendar, video conferencing tool, email and finally your CRM to log notes and action points from the video call later.

All this can easily take your attention away from the other person or people on the call: your prospects, customers and colleagues—we’ve all been on a video call with technical problems or where at least one person was distracted.

To streamline remote meetings for our users, we’ve built a seamless new integration between Pipedrive and Zoom, one of the world’s leading video conferencing applications. Together with our calendar sync, this Zoom integration creates the ultimate bundle for efficient remote selling.

The Pipedrive-Zoom integration is extra helpful for:

  • Salespeople in a different location than their customers
  • People working from home or remotely
  • Companies with teams in different cities or countries
  • Salespeople giving a video demonstration of their product
  • Reps who want to add a personal touch to a sales call by letting clients see them

What you can do with the integration?

The integration itself is so smooth and easy to use, you’ll almost forget it’s there. It enables you to:

  • Add a unique Zoom link to a Pipedrive activity (invitees will receive an invitation email)
  • Ensure the meeting link appears in your external calendar by having two-way calendar sync enabled

Start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting from Pipedrive with the right sales context in view

With the Zoom integration for Pipedrive, you can stop anticipating technical difficulties and get back to focusing on your pitch and nurturing connections.

Users must have an account with both Pipedrive and Zoom to use the integration, which is available in the Pipedrive Marketplace. To find out more about Pipedrive and our 14-day free trial, go to our pricing page.

This article was published on September 2, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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