United States

Welcome to the Big Apple! Our North American office is located in larger-than-life New York City.

About us

After being initially located in the Bay Area,  Pipedrive’s US office was moved to New York City in 2015 to be timezone-wise closer to our European counterparts.

Pipedrive’s New York office is formally our global headquarters, and today we proudly employ 30+ awesome people from all different backgrounds.

Pipedrive Inc in New York focuses on the business side of operations, so most of our employees are active in sales, customer success, customer support and finance.

Meet our New York team

Let us introduce you to the smiling faces that make our New York office feel like home. See how we have fun in and outside of our work.

Our traditions

We love to combine work and pleasure, for example during weekly communal office lunches as well as Friday happy hours.

Every now and then we get out together for some dedicated fun, usually somewhere near our conveniently located Mid-Manhattan office. The annual Summer Garage event in some more rural surroundings is another big hit.

We love getting together to watch sports. For a US-based office, we have an exceptionally high number of soccer lovers among our staff. Our other occasional favorite is baseball, when we go to see the New York Yankees play.

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Working in the US

The largest and most international city in the United States, New York is a hub for all things culture, cuisine, business, technology – and the list goes on. Between its five boroughs, dozens of museums, hundreds of events and thousands of restaurants, you’ll never run out of things to explore. Find yourself right in the heart of it all at our Midtown Manhattan office.

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