Overcome Sales Objections

Tell us the objection. Get expert responses.

Using the voice of:

Since 2010, Pipedrive helps salespeople focus on actions that close deals with a world-class sales management tool. We asked Pipedrive sales team to come up with their best answers to most common objections.
I don't need this solution
I can find a cheaper alternative
I need to think about it
I don't have enough budget
Email me more information and I'll get back to you
I don't have time to talk right now
I won't buy it now, but maybe next quarter
My current supplier does what I need/This is not a priority
I will contact you later
It is too expensive
I can't buy until I meet with [other stakeholders]
I'm in a contract with [your competitor]

For salespeople, by salespeople

At Pipedrive, we know it can be frustrating to receive objections from prospects, but there are techniques you can use to counter with confidence. We’ve reached out to some of the top-notch sales teams using Pipedrive to ask for their best responses to the most common objections. Their insightful answers will put you on the fast track to a stress-free sales process.

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