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How ClickMechanic Used Pipedrive and Zapier to Turbocharge Their Sales Growth

This is the fifth guide in our Zapier Automation Content Series. We’ve prepared three instructional guides to help you use Zaps to automate manual workflows. You’ll also find two practical use cases profiling scaling sales teams who are using Zapier to connect up multiple apps and streamline their processes. Check out each of the 5 guides to learn how to recapture huge chunks of time and spend more time talking to leads and customers!!!

Mechanics know the importance of the engine under the hood.

Just like sales - if all the parts don’t fit and work together, everything grinds to a halt.

But you don’t just want a reliable ride that goes from A to B.

You want a faster, smoother, stronger ride. Would you rather your sales process be a Toyota Prius or Porsche Boxster?

We’re all searching for a turbo boost to our sales growth. But one of the most effective ways to pick up speed is to fix what’s holding you back.

Time-sucking admin will stifle and stall your sales process. You need to automate this admin to lift that handbrake and step on that revenue accelerator!

Zapier is the ultimate automation connector.

Zaps allow you to streamline processes, offload time-intensive admin, and connect data flow from external tools and sources into your single centralized sales hub.

This is a lesson ClickMechanic learned quickly with immediate and unexpectedly significant success.

ClickMechanic’s Story of Innovation, Disruption, and Fast Growth

ClickMechanic is an online, on-demand marketplace for car mechanics.

ClickMechanic matches customers with trusted local mechanics, providing an easy way for people to find, book, and pay for services – all through one simple app.

ClickMechanic Business Model

Finding and engaging a mechanic is often a frustrating and intimidating experience (particularly if you aren’t familiar with the finer details of your car parts and engine).

ClickMechanic wanted to change this by bringing trust, transparency, and simplicity to customers and mechanics alike.

Delivery on this mission last year earned the business ‘Young Company of the Year’ at the Amazon Growing Business Awards and ‘Best Tech Product of the Year’ at the Workshop Power Awards.

ClickMechanic won Best Tech Product of the Year at the Workshop Power Awards

How ClickMechanic Opened a New Career Path for Mechanics

While there are many obvious benefits to an online service, Joseph Fitzgibbon, VP of Growth at ClickMechanic, shared that the biggest disadvantage of the online model was a lack of human conversation for users who couldn’t diagnose the issue with the vehicle themselves.

“Many customers are unsure of what is wrong with their car so need the help of a mechanic to diagnose the issue before committing to a repair.” - Joseph Fitzgibbon, VP of Growth at ClickMechanic

For example, it can cost a lot of money to replace a clutch and there could be a much easier and less expensive fix available to you, but if you don’t have a trusted mechanic to talk you through the problem and the best possible solution - you could end up having to pay so much more than you should have.

With this in mind, the team at ClickMechanic decided to set up a Mechanic in Residence initiative to provide free phone consultations to allow their customers to speak with a professional about their car.

Apart from helping drive significant sales growth from uncertain customers - the Mechanic in Residence initiative had a huge additional social benefit for a special group of mechanics.

The program offers a new career path for mechanics who are unable to continue working on the shop floor, particularly those who struggle with or can no longer carry out the heavy labour involved work of a mechanic.

These mechanics can now work directly for ClickMechanic from home, using their skill set and experience to diagnose issues over the phone.

“Offering customer diagnostic calls has been a huge win for our customers and a boost to company growth”. - Joseph Fitzgibbon, VP of Growth at ClickMechanic

Joseph Fitzgibbon VP of Growth at ClickMechanic

How ClickMechanic Scaled Fast by Automating Admin with Zapier

Double digit sales growth was an unexpected, but exciting development for Joseph and his team.

But a sizable spike in sales often has significant administrative consequences.

This bump in orders meant a sizable increase in data entry. This tedious work was holding back the booming growth of the program and the company. In the past, the ClickMechanic team had to manually add customer details into their CRM.

With all of these new sales coming in, Fitzgibbon knew the team needed a solution to handle these repetitive tasks so they could focus on the important tasks of speaking to customers and continue to scale the growth of the business.

Enter the admin-slashing Pipedrive and Zapier integration

“Previously we were manually adding customer details. By using Pipedrive and Zapier together we’ve saved 1-2 hours per mechanic per day, allowing them to take another 4-8 sales calls a day."
- Joseph Fitzgibbon, VP of Growth at ClickMechanic

Now ClickMechanic have the foundation to ramp up their operations and hire more mechanics to handle more calls with the confidence that administrative requirements will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The team now use a WisePops form to capture lead information on site. The relevant information flows directly through to Pipedrive via a Zap, automatically creating a contact and deal for each response.

This workflow allows the in-house mechanics to easily pick up and manage a large number of consultation requests without having to spend the time learning about or repeatedly implementing the administrative side of the sales process.

Speeding Up Customer Outreach

The boost in enquiries that ClickMechanic were receiving also meant the team needed to find a way to streamline customer communication.

“We’re managing a large number of inquiries, across multiple mechanics and different stages - we need a system which can handle this complexity.”

ClickMechanic now uses a Zap to connect Pipedrive to Mailchimp. Now, when the team moves a deal to a new stage, they can automatically send their customer an email via MailChimp with a quote.

The drag and drop functionality of Pipedrive, combined with the automated emails made possible by a simple Zap has simplified the team’s entire sales process.

Joseph notes that the ease of this process hasn’t just increased the productivity of the in-house mechanics, it has made their job more enjoyable without the added burden of these repetitive tasks. Sales have increased because of the boost in confidence and motivation of the mechanics working on the program as well as the extra time that is now re-invested into more customer conversations.

ClickMechanic Employee working with customer

Measuring Success with Customized Reports

The Zapier integration also comes in handy for the ClickMechanic team’s sales reporting.

ClickMechanic use a Zap to send information from Pipedrive to Google Sheets where they run their sales analytics.

Joseph uses a report to get an overview of useful customer information like location and service required.

This also allows ClickMechanic to measure the success rate of customer calls, the efficiency of the calling process, and how many calls it takes to make a sale. These reports take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing Joseph and his team to constantly improve and refine processes to keep speeding up the growth of the program.

Follow ClickMechanic’s Lead and Automate Your Sales Process

ClickMechanic combined the power and simplicity of Pipedrive with the automation power of Zapier to banish as much of their manual work as possible. Joseph shares why one of the most appealing features of the integration is just how easy it is to use.

“The Zaps are very easy to set up for non-tech savvy people. There is a massive advantage for any integration when we don’t need to use our tech team”.

Automating tedious data entry and streamlining customer communication won the team back valuable time to boost sales and improve customer service.

This also allowed ClickMechanic to customize and speed up reporting to get a real-time view of their sales success.

We want to give a special thanks to Joseph for sharing this inspiring growth story with us. We work very closely with our dear friends at Zapier - and this kind of success is so inspiring for all of us at Pipedrive and Zapier.

Not only are ClickMechanic transforming the car repair space to bring trust and transparency to customers and businesses, they are also creating a new career opportunity for a group of people who otherwise would have lost the opportunity to follow their passion.

We feel incredibly proud and lucky to work with ClickMechanic and to support their ongoing success.

We always get a kick out of finding these stories and our readers love to learn from the tactics and processes used by successful sales teams, so if you have a similar tale to share, please reach out to us. You can Tweet us right away ;)

The ClickMechanic Team

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