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Boost Sales by Gamifying Your Pipeline with Pointagram

Sales is a game of numbers.

Yet despite being passionate about sales, reps are often discouraged rather than motivated by their ever increasing quotas. Juggling between meetings, reports, and closing deals often drains the energy and fun of the selling profession.

Add an ambitious sales manager to the mix and you get a team that cringes away from the pressure, instead of striving to do their best.

70% of Employees are Disengaged at Work

Good intentions aside, many sales managers struggle to motivate their team.

According to the Gallup Workplace report, only 30% of employees felt connected and engaged at their workplace. Considering the high-pressure and results-focused context of sales, it wouldn’t be surprising if the numbers were even lower among most salespeople.

While sales is about results, you need to focus your effort on the process not the outcome to manage this stress and deliver the best possible performance. Activity-based-selling about completing the right activities at the right time to give yourself the best possible chance of closing deals.

Success in sales is not about the amount of time employees invest into their work. What’s important is how this time is spent.

So how do you tap into your team’s full potential?

You need to genuinely engage your team.

Start driving their competitive spirit, spark their motivation and re-focus on the process rather than pressurizing results.

The Formula for Engagement is More Fun Than You Think

Renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi spent decades researching the hyper-engaged state of mind. In his acclaimed bestseller “Flow”, he states the following:

“The reason it is possible to achieve such complete involvement is that goals are usually clear, and feedback immediate.”

Not only is the state of flow one of high productivity, but is a highly positive state of mind.

In the context of sales, where so many factors are outside a sales rep’s control, it is so easy to let the negativity creep in.

The focus on uncontrollable outcomes like revenue inflates this stress and pressure.

Feedback reflects less on the actions of the sales rep, and more on the factors they cannot influence.

A sense of having no control is paralyzing, and it’s a feeling that sales reps face every day.

Instead, what your team needs is a framework for their activities that offers instant feedback for controllable actions. Only then can a healthy dose of competition really motivate and engage your sales team in a healthy way. Otherwise you risk amplifying the pressure if you try to make your team compete on results.

In other words: you can use a game to motivate your team to focus on those controllable actions.

The Performance-Boosting Benefits of Gamification

In an article published by Adweek, Adam Penenberg, author of Play at Work: How Games Inspire Breakthrough Thinking, swears by the positive impact of gamification on the way employees perceive workplace tasks and challenges.

“Microsoft was an early adopter of gamification, taking the not-so-awesome task of debugging the system and turning it into a contest in which employees compete to find the most glitches in less time.”

While your sales team don’t need to debug code, they do need to overcome common objections on a regular basis. They need to make cold calls, rebound fast from rejections and drive more of the right deals to close as competitors hover on the sidelines.

If only there was a way change the mindset of your salespeople from thinking of these “scary, high-pressure” parts of their day and turn them into fun, challenging and engaging opportunities for growth.

We want to explain how you can use ‘gamification’ to make it happen.

Gamify your sales pipeline by integrating with Pointagram

Pointagram is a tool designed to motivate and engage employees.

With just one click, you can integrate their colorful gamification platform with Pipedrive, transforming the stats of your sales reps into fun and engaging competitions.

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Reward completed sales activities with Pointagram badges

The core concept of Pointagram is to drive performance and teamwork with healthy competition.

This combined with your an activity-based selling philosophy makes it possible to shift this competitive focus away from results that cannot be controlled.

Sales managers can set targets for when and how a Pointagram badge is given out.

Sure, you could award a special badge to sales reps who close a deal worth $50,000 or higher.

While there’s no denying that this is an impressive feat worth crediting, what about the enthusiastic newbie who may not have the hottest leads?

Rewarding actions is a better way to inspire your team to complete more of the right activities at the right time, which is the only way to make sure they close more.

You can configure Pointagram to give out badges for activity targets (i.e. completing 30 meetings in a month), allowing your team to receive positive feedback for activities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Incentivize completion of what is in your salesperson’s control.

That’s how you can sustainably maximize motivation, performance and results.

Connect team members with Pointagram notifications

In addition to giving out badges and visualizing competitions, Pointagram players can receive app notifications whenever another sales rep closes a deal so the team can celebrate, banter and compete in real time.

Team members can comment or like these notifications. Not only does this result in more instant feedback, but it reinforces team spirit. This is especially important when your team is spread across different locations, cities, or even continents.

Notifications for a team member’s achievement can also inspire others in the team who may not be performing as well. Seeing successful activities completed will encourage other reps to strive (and also to reach out to the top performers for advice and guidance on a specific type of task or activity). Being asked for help is a reward in its own, and may push your high performers out of their comfort zone and into the role of a mentor.

OptoSweden Shows How Pointagram Motivates Salespeople in Practice

OptoSweden CEO, Niklas Horn Lundberg implemented Pointagram to help motivate his sales team and the outcomes were significant and relatively quick to realize:

“The yearly quota was met already in May and Pointagram is one of the reasons behind this. Also, the motivation has risen to higher grounds and the transparency has engaged their whole company. Pointagram is so engaging that teammates fight each other to be at the top each week and has also started to help low performing sales reps to catch up.”

Niklas found that Pointagram triggered widespread motivation and competitive spirit across the entire organization – not just the sales team:

“The non-sales staff started to sell to clients and went full on GAME MODE, they also wanted to be on the leaderboards. OptoSweden earned a new sales channel and closed new sales opportunities from their non-sales staff. A stream of revenue that was much appreciated.
Now the whole company is cheering each sale even if the sale is closed outside of the office since everyone can see it live on the TV-screen in real-time!”

Start a Game Now to Spark Your Team’s Sales Performance

We already mentioned that Pipedrive users can gamify their pipelines with Pointagram in one click.

What we didn’t tell you is that it’s also free!

Pointagram’s free business plan includes 100 monthly transactions from Pipedrive. Once you decide you want more fun for your team you upgrade to paid plan. You can find more details on Pointagram pricing and plans here and this simple instructional video walks you through exactly how to set up your Pipedrive integration.

Prevent Failure With Your Guide To Handling Tricky Sales Situations

Learn how to prevent and overcome failure for your sales team. This 18 page ebook will help you develop plans for hiring, firing, and managing a crisis.

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