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Using Pipedrive and GetAccept to Create the Best Lead Nurturing Experience

Receive an inquiry. Start a sales conversation. Host a meeting.

Then silence….

Does this process sound familiar?

Research shows that almost 90% of the leads salespeople chase don’t proceed into customers.

This isn’t really surprising when you dig a little deeper.

If most companies sell in a similar way, can we really blame our prospects for their reluctance and indecision.

You and your sales team need to find a way to stand out amongst your competition if you want to consistently convert new prospects into customers.

You need to keep innovating, driving change and pushing your limits so your team can consistently outperform any other alternative your prospects have to consider.

Simply - you need to create the best experience for your prospects (and customers) to sustainably grow your sales.

GetAccept is designed to help you with this exact objective - and together with a CRM like Pipedrive, you create that best-in-class experience for your prospects.

As the VP of Sales at GetAccept, I understand the frustrations of selling at scale - and the importance of using sales software to improve your process:

We are a long time Pipedrive user, and I really enjoy the way Pipedrive CRM has allowed my global teams to execute world class sales processes with minimal effort.

Now as a partner, we here at GetAccept have built a series of features to help you create sales experiences which “WOW” your potential buyers and help you to stand out from the competition.

When you integrate GetAccept with the Pipedrive CRM, you’re combining two powerful software systems specifically designed to automate, streamline and simplify as much of your sales process as possible.

We want to show you exactly how you can use GetAccept together with Pipedrive so you can create a market leading experience for your prospects and customers.

Sending Advanced Sales Documents

Long gone are the days of simply sending PDFs, Word files and other assets as email attachments. These file types are untrackable, hard to customize, and easily lost within your prospect’s inbox.

GetAccept allows you to nurture your prospects and optimize the prospect’s experience from the very start. You can automate the sending of pre-meeting agendas, any relevant marketing materials, or specific case studies to build trust and rapport.

In addition you can also:

  • Personalize the content automatically by using variables in Pipedrive
  • Receive the contact details of every viewer to help build your account map
  • Track which content is most interesting to buyers based on page views and number of visits

Streamline Admin With E-signatures and Quotes

It can be irritating for any team to jump from one platform to another, especially when a deal is almost closed. Any friction in this process has the potential to cost you the entire deal.

Luckily, the GetAccept app allows you to facilitate your contract management from the comfort of your Pipedrive CRM, so you can avoid repeating the reporting burden.

  • Send signable documents directly to your customers from inside Pipedrive
  • Configure quotes and craft proposals to drive deals to the finish line
  • Create automated reminders to keep prospects engaged
  • Mobile-friendly design to allow customers to sign whilst they are on the move

Live Chat and Video Capability to Enhance Communications

Modern sales teams are winning deals by personalizing each experience based on the individual prospect.

If you want to consistently close more deals than your competitors, you need to exceed expectations and go beyond simply sending emails and hosting calls.

You can use GetAccept to create a best-in-class nurturing experience for your prospects.

Here’s how you can increase responsiveness, allowing you to meet your customer’s specific needs in seconds!

  • Receive questions from prospects and reply in real time via your desktop or mobile device
  • Overlay video introductions from your webcam or phone and send video reminders as deals start to stall
  • Harness notifications when prospects are live on assets you have sent to send proactive chat messages to build rapport and encourage them to take next steps.

How to Integrate GetAccept and Pipedrive

  1. If you haven’t already - get yourself a Pipedrive account (you can sign up for a free 14-day trial right now!)
  2. Head to the Pipedrive Marketplace to quickly install the GetAccept Chrome extension.
  3. The extension will be activated when you are logged in to Pipedrive CRM.
  4. Click the GetAccept button () in the top right corner of your web browser and use your GetAccept credentials to login or create your free GetAccept Account.
  5. On a Contact/Organization/Deal page you will see a GetAccept panel on the right where you can send and track your sales experiences.
  6. Choose recipients and their roles, select a template or upload a document and don't forget to add a video presentation before hitting send.
  7. The document status will be presented within Pipedrive and events will appear in the timeline and you can view detailed tracking by clicking the sent document.

Start simplifying your sales process with the superpowers of Pipedrive and GetAccept.

You can create a best-in-class lead nurturing experience that responds to your prospect’s specific needs, while minimizing the manual input of your salespeople - allowing you to spend more time managing the right deals.

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