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How the Mixergy Team Got More Organized with Interviewee Booking + A Great Sales Video

Mixergy is like having experienced businesspeople available for mentoring. Founder Andrew Warner does top quality interviews with notable entrepreneurs that you can watch or listen for free, and premium membership gives you access to more in-depth courses and masterclasses. If you only have time for one or two sites to get your inspiration and ideas from, you'll love Mixergy.

The amazing quality of interviews is a good reason in itself to write about Mixergy. But they're also a Pipedrive customer, so I had a chat with Andrew about their process for scheduling interviewees, the challenges involved and how they use our software. And I must say it felt strange being on the asking end with Andrew - this is how Michael Schumacher's driver must feel like all the time.

Andrew Warner Mixergy

How difficult or easy is it to recruit people to give a Mixergy interview?

It's very challenging because we're trying to recruit people that are very busy and we don't give them anything in return. It's not like in sales usually when you ask for money and offer a great product in exchange. We're saying give us your time and in return you'll be helping our audience. That can be a tougher sale to make.

What has helped you get some many great interviews "closed"?

The main thing is being consistent in our approach. In the past, every time we tried to get a new guest, the approach was different. And every time I had someone new join our team, they would try to figure out a brand new approach, so things got a bit chaotic. We couldn't remember who we had pitched, or sometimes we pitched someone twice, or three times - because we weren't organized enough.

We were using Intuit's Quickbase initially. It's a really powerful tool, and I liked it, but it's not as simple as Pipedrive, and the process wasn't as cleanly and neatly laid out. Then we used an Excel spreadsheet, but that got messy after 20 or 30 lines. And then I thought I'll try this sales tool that Max from WhatRunsWhere told me about. And once I did that it was easy to set up and everybody internally understood it quickly.

What has changed since you started using Pipedrive?

We were able to define a process for recruiting interviewees so we can now see people go through it step by step. And if there's an issue or if someone is about to drop off, we know about it, and can follow up.

How we've defined the process is as follows. The first step is that someone has to suggest a guest. Then I go through everyone that's been suggested, and move good candidates to the next stage which is Guest approved. At that stage I also mark some people as "Lost" and I can add an explanation why I have dropped someone, so others that suggest guests understand what's not a good fit. Then we have to find a contact for them - which can be a challenge. Once we find an email or a phone number we move them over to Connection found. If they agree to do an interview after we've contacted them, the next stage is Pre-interview booked. After this is completed we move them to Pre-Interview Done. And the final stage is Interview booked.

We keep trying to shave pieces off this process but this has proven to work best. We can't do an interview without a pre-interview, because it helps guests tell their stories better.

And Pipedrive is a great f*cking product, in a world where everything else is the same.

Can I use it as a quote?

Yes! Quote I said "great product". I think you have built an awesome product.

Finally, are there any interviews you'd like to point out to the readers of this blog?

Yes, there is a recent one that anyone in your audience, dealing with sales, would probably like. It's an interview with Justin Roff-Marsh who talks about creating a good sales process. It has influenced the way we go about booking interviews. It's also just a great interview.

Footnote: I warmly recommend heading over to Mixergy and discovering some more awesome interviews. I recently enjoyed the story of Hardi Meybaum of GrabCad (another Pipedrive customer), but there are dozens more.

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