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We’ve Expanded Our LeadBooster Chatbot Add-on to Include Live Chat Functionality

(For the latest article on LeadBooster, click here.)

Automate and manage your entire lead generation process in one place with Pipedrive’s improved LeadBooster add-on, which now includes Live Chat.

LeadBooster has two great features to help you generate and qualify more high-quality leads:

  • Chatbot: Automatically engage with people on your website and save qualified visitors as leads. Easily customize the look of your Chatbot, the questions it asks and how it replies.
  • Live Chat: Get notified when a human connection is needed. Available reps can seamlessly take over conversations started by a Chatbot from anywhere, including their mobile device.

Chatbot: Your 24/7 Lead Delivery Service

Does your strategy for acquiring web leads rely on prospects providing you with their information so one of your salespeople can initiate contact? If so, you’re missing an enormous opportunity to capture and qualify swathes of quality leads.

Even the leads you do get will most likely need to be organized and manually assigned to a salesperson in your CRM. All of this sucks up precious time; you could even be losing potential customers to a quicker competitor.

In sales, the faster you respond to clients, the more likely you are to convert the lead. But an instant response is easier said than delivered.

That’s why we set up our LeadBooster Chatbot last year.

Qualify more leads with our Chatbot

Our conversational Chatbot enables your business to automatically qualify more leads, book more meetings and close deals faster.

It engages in conversations with your website visitors as soon as they land on your homepage, turning your site into a full-time lead gathering machine.

Think of it as a tireless team member who never stops engaging with potential customers, no matter what time of day or night. Our Chatbot asks the essential questions and provides answers where needed, before handing over a warm, qualified lead to your sales team.

How does our Chatbot work?

Our Chatbot lets you create simple question and answer pathways, allowing you to get the critical information you need from a prospect in chat format.

To start you off, we’ve prepared four playbook templates designed to help you qualify more leads, book more meetings, route leads, or even chat with your leads (more on this later).

  • Immediately qualify web visitors: Our Chatbot allows you to build branches in the chat according to your questions, and then guide and qualify your prospect according to your sales team’s specifications. Depending on your visitors’ answers, you can share more targeted and helpful information about your product or service by linking to promotional videos, training documents and product information.
  • Automatically book more meetings: Prompt your prospect to arrange a call, meeting or demo directly within the chat sequence. After completing their first interaction with your business, your prospect will know exactly when they can expect to be contacted by a salesperson, eradicating hours of annoying back-and-forth messages. Our Chatbot integrates seamlessly with Scheduler, Pipedrive’s scheduling tool, to check your availability and set up meetings accordingly.
  • Route hot leads directly to the right reps: As a final step during setup, you can select whether a lead is qualified or not, based on their answers to your pre-configured questions. Once qualified, you can tell the bot how the information should be stored in Pipedrive and who it should be assigned to. You can decide whether they should be saved in your Leads Inbox or as deals in your pipeline. When saved in your Leads Inbox, new leads will appear in bold at the top of your Leads Inbox with a blue circle so that you can strike while they are hot. Clicking on them will bring up all the information that the lead put into your Chatbot.

Set up playbooks to achieve different goals

Although we’ve set up four playbook templates for you to use, you can adjust them to suit your purpose or make your own.

‘Playbook’ is the name we’ve given to one of the scripted conversation pathways you can set up in the LeadBooster Chatbot. Each of these playbooks contains “cards” which allow you to accomplish various tasks within your pathways such as capturing information, scheduling meetings, or starting a chat with a rep.

For example, you can set up one playbook for a Chatbot that sits on your product pages, where it helps visitors navigate to the solution they are looking for, and another on your pricing page, where it engages visitors and directs them to the right pricing plan for their needs.

Customize your Chatbot to suit your style

Your Chatbot needs to match your brand identity for prospects to engage with your business. You can fully customize your Chatbot to be in sync with how your business is presented online. You have the option to edit the color theme and you’re in full control of the copy and language of each message, allowing you to give your bot a unique personality.

Work on a catchy name for your Chatbot that best represents your business (you might like to use the name of a sales rep) and add an avatar of your choice to make it totally yours. Whether you want to personalize your Chatbot with your company logo or use a picture of a member of your sales team, it’s up to you.

We’ve also added a live preview feature to the customization engine so you can experiment with the look and feel as much as you like. You can be confident everything is perfect before you add your Chatbot to your website.

How do I get my Chatbot on my site?

Adding your Chatbot to your website is incredibly simple.

Once you have decided how you want to engage your prospects, Pipedrive will generate a small code snippet that you can copy with one click (or forward to your Web Admin) before adding it to your website’s header—just as you would with analytics or social media tracking codes.

Don’t worry if this sounds too technical, We’ve built a detailed set of instructions into the tool itself to help you get your Chatbot working in double-quick time, even if it’s your first time adding something to your site.

If you still need help, Pipedrive’s dedicated support team is on call 24/7 to assist you with any queries.

Live Chat

Our Chatbot is a great tool for warming up and qualifying leads, but there are times when you need a human touch.

Live Chat enables your reps to go online and engage leads who are interacting with your Chatbot in real time.

For example, if an existing customer lands on your website and is using your Chatbot to make a query that can’t be solved by your Q&A or support center pages, a customer service rep can jump on and talk the customer through their issue.

The Live Chat tool also comes in handy when your Chatbot identifies a potential high-value lead that you want to put into contact with a sales rep immediately.

How to use Live Chat

One of our Chatbot playbook templates is already preloaded with a Live Chat card to enable Live Chat functionality, but you can also include this card in any new or pre-existing Chatbot playbook you have made by adding it to the conversation pathway.

On the Live Chat card, you can write a message to notify leads that they will be connected with a real person, give them an indication of the wait time and add an offline message for when none of your team is available.

Once your playbook with Live Chat is set up, your reps will be notified about conversations started by your Chatbot and can set their status to “I’m online” to begin to pick them up, on either the web and mobile app.

Read more about how to use Live Chat in our Knowledge Base.

An example of how you could integrate Chatbot and Live Chat to earn a meeting with a qualified lead

Because Live Chat exists within Pipedrive both on the web and mobile app, you will be notified when there is a new opportunity to engage a website visitor on whichever device you are using.

Let’s use one of the examples in the last section to map out what the steps in this process could look like for a consulting company:

  1. Leads land on your page and go to the management consulting product page, where you’ve added your Chatbot
  2. Your Chatbot asks the questions that you’ve customized it with and, based on the answers the visitors give, they are identified as leads that you want a sales rep to connect with ASAP
  3. Your online sales reps are notified in real time and are able to jump on Live Chat to introduce themselves and set up a meeting to demonstrate the product. If no sales reps are online, your Chatbot will finish the conversation for you.

All this happens in a matter of minutes, saving your rep time and effort and making your customers feel valued.

How you can get LeadBooster Chatbot with Live Chat

LeadBooster is an add-on available to all customers using Pipedrive CRM.

This article was published July 20, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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