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We want to help you automate as many of your repetitive, administrative tasks as possible. Discover a haven of technology, tools, apps and integrations to help you save time you can then spend on what really matters: selling.
The Four Pillars of Prospecting and How to Automate Them
Prospecting is a vital part of the sales process. By finding and qualifying leads before you’ve even contacted them, you greatly increase your chance of sealing deals. However, there is so much information out there, that it can be hard tracking a prospect’s digital footprints to discover the best way to contact them. That’s where a tool like comes in.
Website Ai Chatbot Sales
How a Website AI Chatbot Could Boost Your Sales
You’ve built the perfect website for your business and set up contact forms to capture visitors’ details. However, you’re not getting the number of leads you expected, and the ones you are getting don’t always have the information your team needs to progress. Your website needs a chatbot.
Marketplace App Spotlight June 2019
Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: June 2019
In this month’s Marketplace Apps Spotlight, we look at seven apps that can help automate your sales processes: Invoco, LeadFuze, OptInsight,, SalesOptimize, Shuttle Boarding portal and SyncQ.
What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management: The Complete Guide
‘Customer relationship management’ or ‘CRM’ for short, refers to the technology and processes that an organization uses to manage its contacts and relationships, both external and internal, with customers, the sales team and more. Read our complete guide to CRM.
May 2019 Phone Solution Apps
Pipedrive Marketplace Apps Spotlight: Phone Solutions
The best phone solution tools on the Pipedrive Marketplace for sales reps and managers, including CallOne, CallRoot, Circleloop, CloudTalk, Duocom, FONREACH, Nectar Desk, Nuacom and RingOver.
smb sales infographic
SMB Sales: Why the Average UK SMB is Losing £15,000 Every Month
Why is the average UK SMB losing £15,000 in sales every month? And could new technology be the answer. At Pipedrive, we wanted to find out how sales professionals are adapting to new technologies. We commissioned new research that surveys UK sales professionals and created an infographic from the results.
sales automation
The Best Sales Automation Tools Industry Experts Can’t Live Without
To help ease you into the era of sales automation, we rounded up 20 sales industry experts and asked them about their favorite sales automation tactics. Here are plenty of fast, effective and inexpensive ways to integrate sales automation into your business right now.
Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: April 2019
Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: April 2019
The April Marketplace App Spotlight introduces five great apps that you can integrate with Pipedrive, including CaptureFast, Expiration Reminder, Fireflies, Missive and OpenMoves.
Introducing App Extensions: Access Your Apps From Inside Pipedrive
Introducing App Extensions: Access Your Apps From Inside Pipedrive
App Extensions give you access to your key apps’ functionality from right inside Pipedrive, so you won’t need to manually open new tabs and navigate to specific places to enter information.