Product Updates

Follow every new product update made to the Pipedrive CRM right here. Look out for detailed instructional guides to help you and your team understand how to use all of our new and improved time-saving, deal-making features.

Microsoft Teams Integration
Integrate Pipedrive with Microsoft Teams to Automate Your Notifications and Schedule Video Meetings within the Activity View
We’ve added a new integration that will allow you to automate real-time updates from Pipedrive to Microsoft Teams, allowing you to schedule and join video meetings from Pipedrive and your team to stay informed of your activities, even if they’re not Pipedrive users.
Pipedrive Updates 2020
In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates in 2020
In 2020, we pivoted our strategies to give our customers the best fighting chance possible during a difficult year. In this article and video, we run through all the key Pipedrive changes, updates, new feature launches and add-ons in 2020.
Pipedrive Goals now in Insights
You Can Now Set Goals and Track Your Team’s Progress in Pipedrive Insights
December 22, 2020
We know how important it is for everyone to have visibility of their goals and progress, so sales managers can quickly identify any shortfalls and keep the team focused, while reps can see the impact of their work and get motivated. That’s why we’ve launched a new, improved version of Goals, now in Insights instead of Reports.
Pipedrive Updates December 2020
In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates December 2020
Pipedrive shared some big news last month: Vista Equity Partners made a majority investment in our company. We’ve also updated a number of features including Insights and Sales Docs, which now includes eSignatures.
eSignatures announcement
Pipedrive eSignatures: Save Time and Don’t Compromise Security with Our New Feature, Part of Sales Docs
November 17, 2020
We’ve added eSignatures to our Sales Docs feature so you can get documents signed using Pipedrive, without needing extra software or having to print and scan copies. eSignatures is currently in Beta.
Pipedrive Updates November 2020
In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates November 2020
November 3, 2020
What’s changed in the last month? Advanced users can access Products data in Insights, the Web Visitors add-on is available, video calling is live thanks to our Zoom integration and Pipedrive is now available in traditional Chinese.
We’ve Added Revenue Forecast Reporting to Insights and Products to Deal Reports in Insights
We’ve Added Revenue Forecast Reporting to Insights and Products to Deal Reports in Insights
October 16, 2020
We’ve added Revenue Forecast Reporting to Insights and Products to Deal reports in Insights so you can add even more vital information to your Insights, reports and dashboards. Now, in Insights, you can track your revenue forecast and view reports such as “Deals won by product” and more.
web visitors
Uncover Vital Information about Organizations that Land on Your Site with our New Web Visitors Add-on
October 4, 2020
Introducing Web Visitors, a tool that uncovers previously hidden information about the organizations visiting your site, including how they found you, what they engaged with and how long they stayed.
Upgraded LeadBooster is Now a Complete Lead Generation Toolset to Help You Generate, Manage and Nurture Leads
October 1, 2020
Alongside Chatbot and Live Chat, we have added Prospector and Web Forms to our LeadBooster add-on to give you more control over your lead generation process.