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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: August 2021

Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight August 2021

Here are five of the over 200 apps available in the Pipedrive Marketplace. These apps can help you engage with customers, automate your marketing, integrate your CRM with other tools and more.

  1. Text Request

  2. Autopilot

  3. Rafiki Ai

  4. Ultradox

  5. WinIQ

1. Text Request

Text Request is the business texting platform built to ignite customer engagement. The Text Request team has crafted plug-and-play messaging solutions to your everyday communication problems, so you can cut through the noise and connect with customers.

Use Text Request with your Pipedrive account to:

  • Text contacts directly from Pipedrive with click-to-text, using the Chrome extension

  • Text from multiple phone numbers connected to your Text Request account (e.g. each sales rep can text from their own line)

  • Sync messages from Text Request to Pipedrive to keep your records straight (messages will show under a contact’s notes)

  • Use the SMS Chat to bring in more, and higher converting, leads from your website

Learn more about Text Request and how you can start texting from your company smartphones in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

2. Autopilot

Autopilot is a customer data and marketing automation platform for businesses who sell online.

Autopilot’s Pipedrive integration helps you close more deals and orchestrate a better sales and marketing experience for your customers. You can send personalized messages and take action across the entire customer lifecycle.

You can use Autopilot for Pipedrive to:

  • Welcome new subscribers

  • Nurture new subscribers into deals

  • Onboard new customers

  • Assign deals and activities to your sales team based on actions users take

  • Retain and grow existing customers with highly personalized messages

All of your Pipedrive data connects to your customer data platform in Autopilot, which means you can easily ask questions like “which UTM campaign led to the most new deals?” or “which sales emails are most effective at progressing deals?” All of your important data and metrics are now in one place.

You also get access to powerful reporting and dashboards, which means you can create marketing funnels, cohorts, metrics and goals to motivate your entire team. Built-in revenue attribution for campaigns will help you see the exact revenue contribution of every email you send, from nurturing new subscribers to retaining existing customers.

Autopilot for Pipedrive is free for up to 2,000 contacts and includes 8,000 emails per month. Check out Autopilot in the Marketplace.

3. Rafiki AI

Rafiki AI is a conversation intelligence and sales productivity solution that helps your customer-facing teams ramp faster, scale revenue sustainably and find and mitigate deal risks and customer needs early.

Rafiki AI’s integration with Pipeline CRM is designed to keep you selling and enables you to not miss critical points made in the call. Be alerted with the best-in-class search and comprehensive analytics.

The Rafiki-Pipedrive integration empowers users to...

  • Sync their meeting notes automatically to the deals in their CRM

  • Get a centralized view of deals, meetings under each deal, deal risks, deal stage and next steps

  • Create recurring daily/weekly alerts

  • Review meetings at double speed

  • Spot changing market trends, competitor mentions, customer perceptions and deal risks well in advance so they can pivot

  • Coach new reps from the repository of snippets of successful conversation patterns that have worked in the past and speed up their ramp time.

Rafiki makes enterprise-grade features accessible to businesses of all sizes and is priced right for growing sales organizations. Gain your competitive advantage and grow your revenues sustainably with the Rafiki-Pipedrive integration.

4. Ultradox

Are you using Pipedrive and Google Workspace? Then Ultradox is right for you!

Supercharge Pipedrive by automating tedious tasks or even creating custom enterprise apps to be shared with your coworkers.

Ultradox tightly integrates with Google Workspace, combining a workflow engine with powerful document automation and a simple form builder.

This unique combination will enable you to create personalized documents (PDF, Word, Google Docs or LibreOffice) like contracts, reports, quotes or invoices from your Pipedrive data. You can also send out nice responsive emails as part of your flow.

Running in Google's trusted data centers we offer a dedicated version for our EU customers. Check out Ultravox in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

5. WinIQ

Statistics can be difficult to understand, which can impact a sales organization’s budgets, forecasts and resource allocation.

By analyzing their own deals, the WinIQ team saw that deal metadata could be used to predict win probability, the type of deals they were more likely to win and how they could improve win rates. This data-driven analytics approach helped the team improve their close rate and lead selection.

So that other companies could do the same, they created WinIQ: an application that uses your company’s deal data to automatically create a customized machine learning model to predict your win probability for each deal. The models are updated every time you close a deal, improving performance over time.

The App is designed for organizations that utilize Pipedrive as their hub of operations. The more you use Pipedrive, the more data you generate, the better the predictions will be.

WinIQ is most meaningful once your number of closed deals is greater than 20. Getting started is as easy as hitting install. No sign-up, no email, no payment required. Find out more about WinIQ in the Marketplace.

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