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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: January 2021

Here are just four of the over 200 apps available in the Pipedrive Marketplace. These apps can help you integrate tools, schedule meetings, engage with customers and even get vital geo-focused data.

  1. Apiway
  2. EasyCalendar
  3. Mapsly
  4. Quickdialog

1. Apiway

Apiway.ai is a free integration platform and B2B software marketplace.

With Apiway, you can set up various integrations with Pipedrive. For example, you can integrate Facebook Leads and Pipedrive so that if you receive a new lead on Facebook, all data is automatically sent to Pipedrive.

Integrating Pipedrive with Mailchimp will mean that any new lead that appears in Pipedrive will be added to Mailchimp. You could also move a contact from one stage to another or send a campaign to Mailchimp through the integration.

Set up an integration between Pipedrive and Slack and automatically get your deal close information to appear directly in your Slack channel.

Try it out for free now by navigating to the Pipedrive Marketplace.


2. EasyCalendar

EasyCalendar is a simple online scheduler tool that lets you schedule meetings with clients according to availability. No matter which timezone you are working in, appointments get equally distributed across teams based on available slots and presence.

Users who want all deals and appointments, client bookings, prospects or priority contacts (along with call notes) in one place will get the most benefit.

Sync your Pipedrive contacts with EasyCalendar and automatically save all appointments as activities and notes in your Pipedrive account.

Close more deals in less time by following assigned tags, activity notes and segmented leads.

Embed EasyCalendar on your website and easily convert website visitors into leads. Find EasyCalendar in the Marketplace and see how they can help.

3. Mapsly

Mapsly is a powerful interactive CRM map that addresses a wide range of geo-intelligence needs ranging from:

  • Viewing Pipedrive records on the map
  • Auto-assignment of territories
  • Filtering records by distance
  • Calculation of traveling distance/time between locations
  • Best-matching records by complex geo-criteria

Here’s what you can do with Mapsly:

Map features:

  • View/edit records of objects on the map
  • Customize markers and fields in their labels and popups
  • Split your data into formula-based layers and restrict with complex filters
  • Find/import prospects by keywords

Routing and tracking:

  • Build optimized routes for sales reps or vehicles, with live and historic traffic and custom departure time taken into account
  • Use Mapsly on mobile devices to maximize sales rep efficiency

Territories and automation:

  • Draw territories on the map, or use Mapsly geo-library to create them from zip codes or counties
  • Automatically assign Pipedrive records to your territories
  • Calculate direct or traveling distance/time between any locations
  • Automatically find best-matching records by distance/time or any other criteria (no coding required)

Improve your mapping experience and download Mapsly from the Pipedrive Marketplace.


4. Quickdialog

Quickdialog is a customer engagement platform that brings together conversations from live chat, social media, messaging apps and email into one shared inbox—one that integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive, so you can create deals, update activities and contacts in the inbox.

Key features include the website widget, which allows website visitors to communicate via live chat or choose their preferred channel (WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter or email), delivering a truly omnichannel customer experience.

Quickdialog is also uniquely positioned to allow Pipedrive users to make use of the WhatsApp Business API, from initial onboarding to strategy.

Get started for free with the Messenger, Twitter and Email channel integrations by finding Quickdialog in the Marketplace.

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