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Pipedrive Marketplace monthly apps spotlight: January 2022

Unito, Callingly, Wiza and CallTrackingMetrics make up our first apps spotlight list of 2022.

Read on to see what each tool can do for you.

Unito is a workflow solution that offers two-way syncing between Pipedrive and other apps like Mailchimp, Trello, Asana and Jira.

The Unito-Pipedrive integration lets you create automated workflows, as well as set up flexible rules to help you control who has access to what information, when and how.

You’ll be able to see all your contacts, tables, tickets, calendars, or whatever data is relevant to you, without having to switch between Pipedrive and other tools.

Sales and marketing teams can have visibility of the customer lifecycle, while support teams can track and assign tickets with all the info they need at hand.

With the Callingly-Pipedrive integration, as soon as you get a warm lead in Pipedrive, Callingly immediately calls your sales team. Once a sales rep is ready, they’ll be connected to the lead.

If your call doesn’t connect on the first attempt, Callingly will wait and follow up automatically. You’ll also get a recording once the call has taken place.

Callingly can be particularly useful for remote sales teams to speed up their process.

Wiza allows you to generate and export leads from Linkedin searches while also finding their email addresses and phone numbers in real time.

By integrating Wiza with Pipedrive, you can instantly send leads from Linkedin to your Pipedrive account for outreach.

Wiza also has an email verification feature meaning you don’t need to worry about bounced emails or outdated contact details.

Find out how Wiza can help you generate leads and find accurate B2B contact information at scale.


Conversation analytics platform CallTrackingMetrics helps marketers to see exactly which campaigns and keywords are generating leads and conversions.

CallTrackingMetrics analyzes call recordings, transcripts and words spoken on calls to uncover insights about your customers’ preferences and behavior.

You can then use that data to automate lead flows and create better buyer experiences across all communication channels including calls, texts, chats, online forms and messaging apps.

With the CallTrackingMetrics integration, you automatically bring conversation data and activities into Pipedrive for a seamless workflow.

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