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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: June 2020

1. GleanQuote

GleanQuote combines advanced quoting and pricing with a drag and drop HTML proposal builder and e-signature.

Your team will be able to create, send, track and close winning proposals directly from Pipedrive in minutes.

Some of the best features of GleanQuote include:

  • Manage product/service library with our product builder that supports bundles, options, configurable items and multiple pricing methods
  • Make it easy for your team to create a fully customized proposal in minutes using saved templates
  • Create approval rules that apply guardrails and control to your proposal and quoting process
  • Make it easy for your customers to say “yes” with built-in eSignatures and track engagement like opens and signatures for each proposal

Check out GleanQuote in the Pipedrive Marketplace!

2. PersistIQ

PersistIQ is a free email automation tool that is available to marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

Personalize outreach at scale to make your emails stand out by creating custom fields in Pipedrive and syncing them with PersistIQ. Add a “custom subject” or “unique opening hook”, and then add Contacts directly to prebuilt, multi-step PersistIQ campaigns via the integration.

PersistIQ is designed for smaller teams who can utilize every feature in the free plan or upgrade to a paid plan to increase their daily outbound email limit.

Download the free Chrome Extension to find prospect email addresses and add them directly to email campaigns without leaving your page.

Sign-up with PersistIQ today through the Marketplace.

3. PhoneMondo

PhoneMondo connects your telephone with Pipedrive. Many PBX systems with a TAPI driver, Android phones and other VoIP systems are supported.

Real-time Caller ID notifications display data on your caller from Pipedrive and calls are logged in real time in the CRM. The notification window also contains a short summary of the Deals you have with the caller and the latest open Activities. If no contact data was found in Pipedrive, it will look up data from other sources, while a Pipedrive Organization or Contact can be created with a single click.

Reports show you where you can optimize your company’s telephony processes, with metrics like missed calls by time of day. Reports can be filtered by different criteria and report data can be exported so that you can run your own analysis on it yourself.

Start the free 30 days trial of PhoneMondo now.

4. Sakari SMS

Sakari SMS is a text messaging integration that allows you to easily connect with your leads and customers wherever they are.

With Sakari, you can have two-way text messaging conversations directly from your Pipedrive account or mobile phone. Your SMS conversations are automatically logged in the lead’s timeline on Pipedrive, giving you a complete picture of the lead’s journey so that you can continue your conversation right where you left off.

With the Sakari SMS Pipedrive integration you can:

  • Have two-way SMS conversations directly from Pipedrive
  • Send messages to numbers in more than 100 countries
  • Save text messaging templates with token properties
  • Log all message activity on the Pipedrive activity feed

Get started with Sakari SMS in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

5. ZapInfo

ZapInfo is an easy sales process automation tool that helps you engage with more contacts daily and build lead lists faster than ever.

  • Find contacts using the search builder that will create search strings on most search engines and social networks
  • Extract contacts and company information with one click from many search engines, social networks or contact directories
  • Find email addresses and social IDs using the built-in data enrichment engine
  • Engage faster and better on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with the social automation features, enabling you to send personalized messaging
  • Sync all of your contacts and social outreach instantly with Pipedrive, helping you save time and log your activities.

Find ZapInfo in the Marketplace and try it out yourself. Here is last month’s app spotlight article.

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