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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: November 2019

In this month’s Marketplace app spotlight, we look at five apps that can help companies build the connections they have with customers and leads.

  1. Arrivy
  2. Datananas
  3. JotForm
  4. MPZMail
  5. Paycove

1. Arrivy

Arrivy app

Arrivy is a platform that connects the dispatch staff and field crew of service companies with each other and their customers, via a web app, mobile app, APIs and messaging system.

Using Arrivy’s email and instant messaging tools, office staff can stay in touch with service technicians to relay new jobs and locations and track them on their journey—after helping them find the best route using the new Route Planning tool.

Service technicians can keep customers and dispatch up-to-date with their progress, posting status updates directly onto their dashboards, and share images over the instant messaging tool.

As well as communicating with office and field staff, customers can also use the automated text tool to book and manage appointments.

The Arrivy integration with Pipedrive allows you to:

  • Create Arrivy tasks for Pipedrive deals
  • Seamlessly map fields between Pipedrive deals and Arrivy tasks
  • Enhance communication between Sales, Operations/Dispatch and end customers
  • Get a better understanding of customer needs and requirements using Pipedrive analytics

Within Pipedrive, deals are linked to Arrivy tasks, providing you with a connected interface for managing deals, calendar events, crew assignments and crew tracking, while leveraging Arrivy’s unique customer engagement, operations connectivity and reporting tools for service calls and customer visits.

Check it out in the Pipedrive Marketplace and try a free trial to see if Arrivy’s Pipedrive integration is right for your business.


2. Datananas

Datananas in action

Datananas is a sales engagement software that will help you find new leads and turn them into customers.

With Datananas, you can:

  • Build prospects lists from social networks, including professional email addresses
  • Send email sequences from your Gmail, Outlook or any from Inbox
  • Combine email, tasks and call touch steps in your sequences
  • Automatically send follow-ups if they don't reply
  • Synchronize your contacts between Pipedrive and Datananas

Replies are automatically classified as positive, negative, out of office, wrong contact. Use the Smart Actions feature to follow up on out of office prospects when they return.

You can find Datananas in the Marketplace where you can try it free for 14 days.


3. JotForm

JotForm is an online form solution that enables sales teams to build, customize and share data-collection tools.

Beyond its form-building capabilities, JotForm also allows you to create PDF documents using submitted form information. JotForm collects the data on any device, even when there’s no internet access.

The JotForm-Pipedrive integration can help sales teams secure, track and close deals by automatically:

  • Matching responses to specific questions in a form with fields for a new deal, person, or activity in Pipedrive, such as physical addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Assigning each new deal or person in Pipedrive to a specific team member and placing it in a specific pipeline to help teams stay organized.
  • Sending each new deal or person to a specific stage and status in a pipeline.
  • Appending uploaded files from forms to a newly created deal or person in Pipedrive.
  • Using specific form information to create and attach notes to every deal, person, or activity that’s added to Pipedrive.
  • Scheduling a call, meeting, task, deadline, or email in Pipedrive once a form is filled out and submitted.

Try out JotForm for yourself by heading to the Marketplace.


4. MPZMail

MPZMail is an email marketing and marketing automation platform with features including campaigning, automation, transactional emails, deep segmentation, signup forms and more all via an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

You can choose which fields to sync across platforms and which data to send back to Pipedrive when campaigns are opened, links are clicked, or unsubscribes happen.

All data is constantly synced between the two platforms in real time, so if you update a contact on Pipedrive, it will be updated on MPZMail as well.

Head to the Marketplace to find out more.


5. Paycove

Paycove offers a billing solution for companies who want to replace their manual processes with sales quote and invoice automation. Once connected, your team can start generating custom sales documents that are pre-filled with the data from your Pipedrive deals, people and organizations.

Customers can quickly accept, decline or e-sign proposals, while quotes and Invoice payments are simple and flexible thanks to the fact that Paycove offers support for multiple payment options including:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • ACH
  • SEPA
  • CBD payment processing
  • Multiple gateways for different business entities

Available payment arrangements include:

  • Deposits/down payments
  • One-time/fixed payments
  • Recurring payments/subscriptions (with custom end dates)
  • Scheduled payments (with the option to auto-bill on certain dates)

With the Pipedrive integration, Paycove users can select the pipeline stages that they would like to trigger the sending of quotes and invoices. They can also create a final stage to move invoices to when they have been paid.

See how Paycove removes the need for manual data entry and provides your customers with a simple way to pay by finding them in the Marketplace.

Find more apps in the Pipedrive Marketplace, or check out last month’s app spotlight for four tools that you can try right now.

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