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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: November 2021

Pipedrive Marketplace Apps Spotlight November 2021

TimelinesAI’s WhatsApp-Pipedrive integration is the first of two on our November App Spotlight list, with the second being Postcall.io, a tool that can automatically send a customer satisfaction survey following a call.

TimelinesAI enables your salespeople to automatically log WhatsApp communication with clients as Activities in the Pipedrive People and Deal views.

Integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive in two minutes. The WhatsApp integration works with regular and business profiles and you can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers to Pipedrive. The setup is as simple as connecting a number to WhatsApp Web. Create a TimelinesAI profile, scan the QR code with your mobile application and install the Pipedrive integration.

Contacts are matched based on their WhatsApp number. For new contacts from WhatsApp, a contact and deal is created automatically.

Improve your sales and support on WhatsApp with a highly functional shared inbox for WhatsApp. Your team can instantly go from Pipedrive to TimelinesAI to respond to the right chat or follow up with a contact on WhatsApp. They can also exchange internal comments, use quick reply templates, import/export CSV lists for bulk messaging campaigns and more.

Install TimelinesAI for Pipedrive and try the fully functional integration for free for 10 days. The setup is as simple as connecting to WhatsApp Web and the synchronization is fully automatic.

Postcall sends customer satisfaction surveys automatically after your calls. Postcall currently works with Aircall, RingCentral and Zendesk Talk.

Measure your team’s performance by sending CSAT, NPS or other score-based questions.

With Postcall you can:

  • Send surveys by SMS or by email

  • Customize the surveys to ask the right questions and make them match your brand

  • View reports and analytics to track the performance of your team and spot any trends over time

  • Have Pipedrive activities logged for each contact when they receive and complete surveys

You will need an Aircall, RingCentral or Zendesk Talk account to use Postcall.

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