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Pipedrive’s Messaging Inbox: Keep all your messenger conversations with customers and prospects organized

How does Pipedrive’s Messaging Inbox work?
How can the Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger integrations help my business?

Pipedrive’s Messaging Inbox lets you chat and manage conversations from different messenger apps in one place.

That means if you install our new Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Messenger integrations, you’ll be able to contact prospective leads and track your conversations without leaving Pipedrive.

You can also intuitively create contacts, leads, or deals from conversations and store your conversation history in the related contact, lead or deal.

To make sure your team is never short of context, you can share conversations with colleagues and even assign them to the ideal team member for follow-up.

You can find our Messaging Inbox in the Leads section in Pipedrive.

To add our Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messenger integration apps, head over to our Marketplace. You can also add the apps directly within Pipedrive.

How does Pipedrive’s Messaging Inbox work?

Our Messaging Inbox brings together all your messages from chat and messaging tools into one intuitive team-shared view.

If you use both the Facebook Messenger-Pipedrive and WhatsApp Messenger-Pipedrive integrations, you’ll be able to view your messages from both tools without switching platforms.

You’ll be able to see the lead’s name, company, pipeline stage and whether they are online. You can speak to your lead or customer directly inside the Messaging Inbox and easily search chat history to make sure you always have the information you need.

How can the Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger integrations help my business?

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger are two of the world’s most popular chat tools and rich sources of leads for companies.

With both integrations, you’ll be able to speak to leads, check your conversation history, and sync info to the relevant Pipedrive deal or contact without having to switch between tools.

Our integration lets you choose who is best equipped to manage the conversation and makes it much easier to check whether the person you’re speaking to via your messenger app is already a client (or lead).

By having all your deals in one place, you’ll have better visibility of your nurture process and easily work out the ideal next steps.

Our Facebook Messenger-Pipedrive integration is free to use. The WhatsApp integration is free to download and a base fee applies to conversations and templates via Twilio.

If you’d like to find out what we can do for you, you can try Pipedrive for free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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