No More Double Bookings With the New Activity Scheduler

activity scheduler

Just like the hoverboard, the flying car and the self-applying suit, the ability to easily clone yourself never arrived as promised in those ‘80s sci-fi films.

So until you’re physically able to be in two places at once, you need to avoid double-bookings at all costs.

Our new day form in the activity scheduler update makes this easy, as you’ll see very clearly that you have an existing appointment as you’re trying to book the conflicting one in your calendar. A simple change? Yes. But we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a key one.

We're not the time police though, so if you need to schedule several activities for the same time, you can easily do so, it simply won't happen without your knowledge anymore.

In addition to this, you get to see team members' availability as well as your own, which means no more missed meetings for anyone. A bold red line also shows you exactly where you are in your day.

You'll also notice that we've given our entire activity scheduler a makeover, with buttons moved for ease of access and redesigned for clarity and usability.

We'll be rolling this feature out to all our users soon but if you're an early adopter simply go to your features tab and enable it.

Pipedrive activity scheduler
Simply switch this on and start scheduling.