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We’ve Added Revenue Forecast Reporting to Insights and Products to Deal Reports in Insights

We’ve added revenue forecast reporting to Insights and Products to Deal reports in Insights so you can add even more vital information to your Insights, reports and dashboards. Now, in Insights, you can report on open deals by expected close date, deals filtered by product and more.

We’ve made two changes to Pipedrive Insights this month to make your dashboards and reports even more powerful.

  • Revenue forecast reporting is now in Insights
  • It’s now possible to filter and view results by Products added to the deals in your Deal Reports

Revenue forecast reporting

Revenue forecast reporting is now part of Insights, meaning more of your important data is in one place.

This gives you far more control over your forecasting reports. For example, say you are reporting on a deal that you expect to close in December, but then it closes in October. You can easily filter your Insights to show the deal in the December month before it closes, but then have it show up in December once it’s been won.

Revenue forecast reports also support custom monetary values and you can now view not only cumulative forecasts but non-cumulative forecasts as well.

You can create revenue forecast reports in the Revenue section of our Insights feature. This feature is available to Professional and Enterprise users.

Products in deal performance reports

Now you can filter by product in your Insights reports, enabling you to work out which products are bringing you the most revenue and where you should focus your efforts.

You can filter and view results by any of the products you have added to Pipedrive, adding more or less to drill down into the data you need.

Using this feature, you can replicate product reports from our old Statistics feature, like Deals won/lost/started by product.

You can find the addition in the Deal performance reports section of Insights.

Activities and Email performance insights are available to all our users across our four pricing plans. You can find out more in our Knowledge Base article.

This article was published on October 16, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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