Pipedrive Integrations Update: October 2017

Pipedrive Integrations Update: October 2017

We’re delighted to announce that in October we launched eight new integrations to boost your Pipedrive experience. From expense management tools to live chat, these integrations are designed to save you time and effort on your day to day activities.


Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform

You can now use your E-Goi email marketing, web, and mobile tracking tools to attract customers, and have them automatically added to your pipeline. Allow this incredible tool to transfer your precious data to Pipedrive and set up this ultimate lead conversion duo today.


Data Management Tool for CSV Files

Google sheets and salespeople have a love-hate relationship, and sometimes an intermediary is needed for those tough times, and exporting CSVs is definitely one of them.

Gasket is the ultimate solution, and will automatically sync your Pipedrive info based on the filtering and arrangement preferences you select. The end result is a neat and tidy Google Sheet designed to suit your data analysis needs.

On top of the benefit of easier data management, you can also join data from Pipedrive along with output from other apps. Gasket will align the data with matching contact info to give you a complete overview. Sweet.


Expense Management Tool

Easy pipeline and financial management are a match made in heaven, which is why our integration with Rexpense is an exciting new addition to our ever expanding list.

Imagine having a pre-expense automatically created, complete with all the frills and details you need, when a Pipedrive activity is created. Save yourself the effort and time by integrating your pipeline with one of the easiest expense management platforms on the market now.


Multichannel Campaign Management Tool

Seamlessly connect your Pipedrive contacts to Mail2Easy with this integration and make multichannel triggered campaigns easier than ever to manage.

Not only can you automate a selection of campaign triggers, but you can mix and match different output channels like texts, push notifications, and, of course, emails. With the help of Mail2Easy’s powerful content creation tools, funneling leads into your pipeline is easy as pie.


LiveChat and Help Desk Tool

Adding that personal touch to your site can be a challenge, but the benefits in terms of revenue and conversions are well worth the effort.

LiveChat is a tool that allows you to engage with live visitors, and when integrated with Pipedrive you can have new leads created in your pipeline as soon as they engage with you. This eliminates the hassle of manually transferring and sharing new lead info with your team.

On top of that, your chat transcripts will instantly be added to your Pipedrive contact with no extra effort, allowing you to focus less on administrative tasks and more on selling.


Google Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

The link between knowing your customer and making a sale is a no-brainer in any industry or market, and what better way to get a glimpse of who you’re trying to benefit than a peek at what they post online?

LinkMatch is a Google Chrome Extension that, when integrated with Pipedrive, places a green checkmark on the LinkenIn profile of a user who is already included in your list of Pipedrive contacts.

You can also edit your Pipedrive person while browsing on the page, making social media stalking easier than ever. You can find more information on this integration here. linkmatch.net/pipedrive


SMS Notification Tool

Sometimes you can’t check your email as often as you’d like, which is why an additional SMS reminder is a useful way to stay on top of your dynamic pipeline.

Infobip Notifier SMS is an integration that sends you a text message as soon as any activities are added or changed in Pipedrive. Stay on top of your daily meetings and never lose a out a lead with this foolproof notification system in place.

Microsoft Flow

Process and Task Automation Tool

Pipedrive’s integrations are all about automating tedious tasks and administrative activities that swallow up precious selling time. Microsoft Flow was built with the same goal in mind, and when integrated with Pipedrive the results are magical.

You can customize a flow based on any process or task from complicated multistep processes to simple, one-step tasks. The end result is boosted productivity and more time for you to focus on the activities that help you sell.