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Pipedrive Integrations Update: July 2017

Pipedrive Integrations July 2017

In July, Pipedrive added six new integrations that you can try out. Find out how our marketplace integrations with AppMixer, Enudge, GetAccept, Livestorm, MRPEasy, and Vainu.io can help your business increase its sales potential.


With AppMixer you can easily integrate your Pipedrive CRM with the cloud apps you use every day, like Typeform, Trello, Asana, Google Apps, MailChimp and more.

Create workflows visually, without the need for programming. AppMixer is user-centric, that means it isn't complicated! The editor is easy to grasp and helps you create a new workflow in minutes. Just drag and drop your apps and APIs, connect them together and let AppMixer work for you. Multiple triggers, actions, and utility tools can coexist in a single mix, allowing you to create sophisticated workflows.

Automate high-quality lead prospecting using Pipedrive, MailChimp, Clearbit, and other sales and marketing tools. Increase your sales potential or automate billing by combining your cloud tools with Pipedrive. “What are you going to do next?"


Enudge is an email and SMS marketing solution, making it easy for any organization to be on top of their customers’ minds via personalized, bulk emails, SMS and MMS messages. Through Enudge it’s also easy to create and distribute surveys and automate your marketing through the powerful Message Series and Action Responder functionality.

Enudge allows you to:

  • Quickly create beautiful and mobile responsive email campaigns and MMS messages.
  • Create personalized, opt-out enabled SMS campaigns.
  • Apply unlimited personalization to your messages to ensure they feel like a one on one conversation with your audience.
  • Analyze a range of metrics including click-throughs, opens, social shares, and forwards to determine your best performing campaigns, and greatest advocates.
  • Manage bounces and unsubscribes with ease.

Integrating your Pipedrive account with Enudge means that you’ll be up and running in no time. Your Pipedrive contacts will be automatically transferred to your Enudge account so they will be there for your first email, SMS or MMS campaign.


Track, engage & eSign all your sales and business documents from Pipedrive with GetAccept.

Accelerate and close more deals with our next generation document tracking and e-signature tool, all in-built in Pipedrive.

Track your documents

See when and how people engage with your sales documents and follow up with perfect timing, directly from Pipedrive.

Engage your buyers

Present your sales document with a video introduction and use the built-in live chat to keep the conversation going from initial pitch to the won deal.

Close more deals

Make it easy for all parties to close the deal with simple and secure electronic signatures, directly from Pipedrive.


Livestorm is a browser-based webinar software. They help startups, SMBs and large scale enterprises do better product demos and customer training with actionable data and automation workflows.

Everything happens in the browser, in real-time, without any download required or Flash. Attendees can watch the webinars from any browser on desktop, tablet or mobile.

This integration with Pipedrive enables you to accelerate and automate your marketing/sales workflow. You can create or update new contacts automatically from your registrations or your attendees status (e.g "have they attended my webinar?"). You are also able to create/update deals and activities based on those triggers.


MRPEasy is a powerful yet simple resource planning software for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors. It contains advanced stock, supply chain, and production management. MRPEasy has thousands of successful users all over the world.

The integration with Pipedrive automatically imports successful deals into MRPEasy for fulfillment. When products are ready and shipped, the information is added to deals in Pipedrive. Thus, the production/fulfillment department gets tasks and the sales department is notified of their progress.


Vainu provides you with the best B2B sales opportunities by indexing the open web and enriching company data. This enables an intriguingly novel and effective way to both spot new companies that match your ideal customer profile and keep updated about relevant events for your current customers and partners.

By integrating Pipedrive with Vainu and using your own CRM data in prospecting, your sales team can efficiently fill up the sales funnel with high quality prospects and identify the right time to be in touch. No more time wasted in surfing the internet for background checks or figuring out whether a colleague already has a case going on. Now you can keep focus on sales.

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