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Pipedrive Is Opening an Office in Tartu

Pipedrive is growing. We are adding to our offices in the United States and Estonia, with our new office in the second-largest city of Tartu. With one office in the United States and two now in Estonia, we are better positioned to attract new talent as we expand. Oh yeah, and we just won the Best Employer Award in the private sector in Estonia.

A brief overview of Tartu

  • Known as the intellectual capital of Estonia.
  • Host to Estonia’s oldest and most distinguished university – the University of Tartu, founded in 1632.
  • Tartu has a large population of students and artists, which translates into more woolly sweaters than you could imagine.
  • Regardless of the relaxed atmosphere, the combination of a vibrant city life and a deep pool of talent has spurred a number of successful tech companies and startups, including Fortumo, Plumbr, Weekdone, Voog and Zeroturnaround.
Estonian Startup Wall of Fame
Estonian Startup Wall of Fame at Garage48 Hub in Tartu

Why we’re opening an office in Tartu

Sweaters aside, moving to Tartu gives Pipedrive access to a wealthy pool of talent, which is critical for helping us continue our growth path.

Tartu Town Hall Square
Tartu Town Hall Square

The additional caveat to us opening an office in Tartu is creating a culture where teams and team members could work from multiple locations, as well as remotely. Tartu is a great stepping stone for implementing this practice, as in the future we’re highly likely to have developers working remotely around the world.

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