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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: November '18

Our Monthly Apps Spotlight introduces the most exciting and helpful new apps and integrations you can use to customize your Pipedrive sales process. You can find step-by-step installation guides for all of the featured apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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Ads Workbench

Ads Workbench is simple tool you can use to sync your leads and custom audiences. The app is specifically designed for marketers - which means it has to be extremely easy to use 😜. Ads Workbench connects your lead generation integrations and sources with your Pipedrive account. This means you can automatically creating a new person and [optionally] a new deal for each collected lead. This gives you two powerful capabilities:

  • You can sync your lead ads campaigns in Facebook with Pipedrive
  • You can also flexibly capture and automate leads generated in any system with our webhook feature

In Addition, Ads Workbench allows you to create and automatically refresh your custom audiences for CRM retargeting using the data in your Pipedrive account. The key differentiator here is that you can benefit from using custom audiences in multiple advertisers networks:

  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Google Ads Customer Match
  • Twitter Custom Audiences (coming soon)

Give Ads Workbench a try in the Marketplace and start saving time, responding faster and improving your sales.


Cumul.io is a data visualization platform that lets you create interactive dashboards on top of your Pipedrive data.

With Cumul.io's intuitive dashboard editor, you can bundle all of your sales KPIs into a single dashboard. This allows you to get a clear view of your different pipelines in a single glance. You can further bolster this snapshot by linking marketing or customer data from other sources.

Cumul.io also helps you remove Excel exports, pivot tables and eradicate any time wasted on manual sales reporting. Your dashboards are updated automatically, and you can even create your own Pipedrive dashboard in one click, using templated dashboards.

If you need to make your dashboards customer-facing, Cumul.io will allow you to embed white-labeled dashboards in your own platform.

Find Cumul.io in the Marketplace.


Dryrun launched in 2014 with a mission to help business owners manage their cash flow.

A weak sales pipeline is often one of the key symptoms of dying cashflow so Dryrun can be a critical advisor to support Pipedrive in monitoring the health of your performance.

Dryrun takes your Pipedrive deals and imports them into a cash flow scenario. You can see your deals on a timeline to help you visualize important data including:

  • Cash flow calculated via probability settings
  • ‘Won’ deals only
  • Total deals in your pipeline

Dryrun is a Finance team’s dream tool. The platform simplifies multiple complex spreadsheets by collating info into neat visual overviews.

Layering sales forecasts alongside an actual cash flow scenario allows you to match up when invoices and bills need to be paid with an expense budget right alongside your sales pipeline.
As Dryrun is constantly evolving, you can expect more helpful customization options for data imports along with UI shortcuts and other refinements in the near future. Stay up-to-date with the app in the Marketplace.


Gamifier is an app created specifically to spark up engagement, motivation, and competitive spirit among salespeople throughout the sales process.

Gamifier allows you to build gamification into your sales process. You can add competitive elements to your Pipedrive sales pipeline and generate some extra sparks of passion among your sales team.

There are more than fifty different options within Gamifier that you can set up to reward your team and give practical feedback based on actions performed in Pipedrive including:

  • Weekly ranking of salespeople
  • Badges for achievements
  • Social timeline to highlight accomplishments

Gamifier is already working on an update to be launched early next year with new rules to help engage salespeople in different ways. Gamifier wants to help your team use activity-based-selling principles by encouraging teams to follow the designated activities in your Pipedrive pipeline.

Research the app in the Pipedrive Marketplace and take advantage of the Gamifier free trial.


LiveChat can be easily integrated into your website to capture leads and close more sales. The app is designed to help businesses improve sales and collect feedback through live conversations.

With LiveChat, you can chat with multiple leads or customers all at once. You can also customize the chat widget with different themes and settings to suit your brand and use case.

With this integration, you can seamlessly push contacts and chat transcripts to Pipedrive. This will make it much easier for you to move customers through the purchasing process, giving your sales team more context when chatting with leads.

For more information on the installation procedure, navigate to the LiveChat Marketplace listing.

Shop the Pipedrive Marketplace for More Time-saving Tech

We have well over 100 other integrations to help you bolster your sales process. Remember, you can customize Pipedrive to suit your specific sales process with all of these integrations right now. The apps are neatly categorized to help you easily find the type of tool you’re looking for. You’ll find simple instructional guides and step-by-step installation advice to help you speed up your Pipedrive sales process in a matter of minutes! Make your way to the Pipedrive Marketplace to try them out today.

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