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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: October '18

Our Monthly Apps Spotlight introduces the most exciting and helpful new apps and integrations you can use to customize your Pipedrive sales process. You can find step-by-step installation guides for all of the featured apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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5 new apps and integrations you need to know about


Blendr.io is a data integration and cloud automation platform that works specifically with marketing and sales tools.

Blendr allows you to easily connect over 100 different cloud applications directly to Pipedrive.

Once you’re connected, you can add conditions, loops, custom codes, and a bunch of other powerful features to automate any complex workflow between Pipedrive and other tools.

Blendr.io cuts out all of the manual work and repetitive tasks and automatically enriches your data in Pipedrive - pushing form submissions to Pipedrive, syncing data with e-mailing tools, marketing automation platforms, and other applications.

Learn more about everything you can do with Blender.io by connecting Pipedrive and your favorite apps in the Pipedrive Marketplace.


JustCall is a cloud phone system for sales & support teams that allows you to make, receive, and track all your phone calls & texts directly from within Pipedrive.

You can use JustCall to track your conversations from anywhere and on any device. The integration provides you with detailed analytics for your calling and SMS activities. You can even use JustCall to create & send bulk SMS campaigns.

Each & every detail about your sales calls (including call recordings) are logged under the relevant contact & deal you have set within Pipedrive.

If you miss a call, JustCall will log voicemails in your Pipedrive account with a convenient one-click call back link. The app also syncs with your Pipedrive contacts instantly so all changes are updated in your JustCall account

Stay tuned for new features like Auto Dialer and updates to the SMS section that will allow you to saved replies, undo send, schedule SMS and much more.

Head to the Marketplace to check them out and start streamlining your sales calling now.


Re:amaze is a customer service and messaging platform designed to help businesses support, engage, and convert customers all from one app.

The software helps you connect all of your communication channels so that you can manage all customer conversations in one place.

Re:amaze built this specific integration with Pipedrive to add visibility into existing and new sales opportunities.

You can sync up the following channels to send critical sales conversation information into your Pipedrive contacts and deals:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • SMS
  • Many more

The application comes built in with live chat and automated messaging to help turn more of your website visitors into sales. You can also educate customers with embeddable FAQs.

This aggregation of messages and opportunity data will help support teams operate effectively when communicating with customers.

Find out more about how Re:amaze can assist you and install their app over in the Pipedrive Marketplace.


Salesmsg is a two-way text and picture messaging software for Pipedrive that helps you eliminate the frustration of "playing phone tag".

The app will connect with your leads and customers via text messages from real phone numbers - helping you drive your leads and customers to text you.

No need to force people to call you at a time that’s convenient for both parties. This method of communication simplifies the process for you and the prospect.

Through Salesmsg you can get a new local phone number (USA/CAN/UK) or use your existing number to create, send, and track your messages with your Pipedrive contacts. You can also easily text from your desktop - and while you’re on the go you can use your mobile phone (iOS/Android apps available).

Give your team the ability to text leads, create canned responses for faster texting, and track the activity automatically for each Pipedrive contact and install the Salesmsg app from the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Weekly Update

Weekly Update helps teams stay focused, aligned, and informed by sharing quick status updates each week. The app will help you build a simple communication process that helps sales, customer success, and leadership teams interact directly and consistently.

Weekly updates allow for shorter and more productive meetings since everyone has shared important information in advance. The updates will help you reduce instances of duplication and help managers monitor the priorities of their team efficiently.

One of the best parts of Weekly Update - each team member does not have to log in or create an account. All users can share and read their updates through automated emails sent to their inbox. This makes it incredibly easy to get started and participate.

Browse the Pipedrive Marketplace for More Time-saving Tech

We have more than 100 other integrations to help you streamline your sales process.

Remember, you can customize Pipedrive will all of these integrations right now.

Each of the apps are neatly arranged by topic and category to help you easily find the type of tool you’re looking for.

You’ll find simple instructional guides and step-by-step installation info to help you improve your Pipedrive sales process in a matter of minutes!

Make your way to the Pipedrive Marketplace to try them out today.

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