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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: September 2021

In September’s Marketplace apps spotlight, we bring you an engagement content tool, an analysis tool for users with large accounts, a LinkedIn integration tool and an app that helps you create brand champions among your customer base.

  1. Outgrow

  2. Vizrm

  3. ReachOut

  4. Champlist


With Outgrow, you can easily create interactive content such as contests, giveaways, polls, quizzes, surveys, calculators, recommendations, assessments and chatbots to generate leads and interact with your existing customers and prospects in an engaging way.

You can use the Outgrow-Pipedrive integration to send qualified lead data from your interactive content pieces to your Pipedrive contacts, deals, activities and sales pipeline.

Outgrow’s no-code platform provides you with a drag-and-drop builder that helps you create interactive content in minutes. You can personalize everything in your content based on your requirements.

Choose from over 1000+ contest, giveaway, poll, quiz, survey, calculator, recommendation, assessment and chatbot templates to quickly start your marketing.


Founded by Pipedrive users struggling to manage large accounts, Vizrm is designed to support people building and executing strategic account plans with Pipedrive.

This extension allows users to build organization charts for their accounts in Pipedrive with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools. Contacts associated with an account in Pipedrive are automatically loaded to an “account chart”.

The chart not only allows you to build an organization structure, but also shows overdue tasks. Sales teams can then get a quick overview of the account situation and the important next steps.


ReachOut enables effective social selling campaigns on LinkedIn.

The app’s semi-automated approach allows you to use a combination of automated LinkedIn actions and manual Pipedrive tasks to open conversations.

  1. Create a social selling campaign in minutes such as an automated contact request, a follow-up message or a Pipedrive task with a manual voice memo

  2. Filter relevant profiles using LinkedIn or Sales Navigator and add them to your ReachOut campaign

  3. Launch your ReachOut Chrome extension daily and run your campaigns semi-automatically on LinkedIn until the first response

  4. Use chat templates on LinkedIn to follow up in seconds, then export your social selling leads to Pipedrive with a click of a button

Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn with minimal effort without compromising your profile with standard automation.


Champlist is a lead-generation tool that helps you to leverage your current customers, contacts and leads by notifying you about job changes and outdated emails.

Simply turn your champions into your greatest long-term advantage and receive a weekly list of sales opportunities helping you to:

  • Easily sell to sales champions who already love your products after they change jobs

  • Upsell and cross-sell to new departments after job promotions

  • Reduce churn by securing new contacts after your champion leaves a company

  • Automatically enrich your contacts with LinkedIn profile URLs

  • Track your champions and leads and get notified whenever they switch jobs

  • Keep your contacts valid and up-to-date

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