Pipedrive Mobile’s Nearby View Makes Every Moment Count

Pipedrive Mobile Nearby View

Have you ever found yourself with some extra time after a customer meeting? Instead of simply going back to the office, what if you could have two or more customer meetings while you're out there? 

We've added a new Nearby view to the Pipedrive mobile app to help you be more efficient with your time by working on deals that are near each other. 

The Pipedrive mobile app has been updated to show you the companies, contacts, and deals on a map view. You will be able to plan activities so much more efficiently with this new view.

Schedule meetings near each other

Driving halfway across the city for a single meeting is not the most productive use of time. 

With Nearby View, you can easily see which other deals are in the vicinity and schedule a few activities at a time.

Get to your next appointment

The consequences of getting lost and being late for a meeting can range from embarrassment to losing the deal. 

Fret not. When looking at the nearby view - you can simply tap the screen to get directions and be on your way.

Create value from free time

Pipedrive's Nearby View

Things don’t always go as planned. 

Traveling to a meeting, only for the client to cancel at the very last moment, is frustrating and unproductive. 

Use the nearby view to see if there’s someone else you could see in the vicinity. 

Similarly, if a meeting ends early, you can check to see if there are any other deals you could drop in on to move things forward.

Time is a key resource for you. You never know when that last minute meeting or quick coffee chat will help move your deal forward. 

Every customer visit can now become much more productive with Pipedrive.

How do I get it?

Make sure you have the updated version of the Pipedrive mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

Happy closing!