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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates August 2020

Watch the video and read the article to find out what we’ve improved, updated and added to Pipedrive in the last month. We’ve added new Live Chat functionality to LeadBooster, launched email insights, given users the ability to convert deals to leads in the Leads Inbox and made more new updates across all our plans. We’ve also created a new Pipedrive sync with Mailigen, so that contacts are accurate across both platforms.

Live Chat has been added to LeadBooster

Our Chatbot is a great tool for warming up and qualifying leads, but there are times when you need a human touch. Live Chat enables you and your reps to go online and engage leads who are interacting with your Chatbot in real time.

One of our Chatbot playbook templates is already preloaded with a Live Chat card, but you can also include Live Chat in any new or pre-existing Chatbot playbook you have made.

Once your playbook with Live Chat is set up, your reps will be notified about conversations started by your Chatbot and can set their status to “I’m online” to begin to pick them up, on either the web and mobile app.

They can also transfer chats to other Pipedrive users on your team who are online.

Read more about Live Chat in our Knowledge Base and in the LeadBooster article on our blog.

Convert deals to leads plus other Leads Inbox improvements

Our Leads Inbox is where you can upload, store and manage any leads who aren’t at a stage in your sales pipeline.

You can now convert deals in your pipeline individually to Leads or create a filter in your List View that outlines the conditions of multiple deals that you’d like to bulk convert. This will help you declutter your pipeline so the remaining deals you have in there are more likely to close.

We’ve also added new ways to filter the Leads Inbox itself. You can sort by each column, as you can in the deal view, but we’ve also pre-made some filters so you can filter your leads by time added, find leads with a linked contact, leads with an email address, leads with a phone number, and leads who have a value associated with them.

You can also filter a lead by label and who owns it, while professional plan users can filter by team.

As well as filtering leads, users on all plans can now make bulk edits to up to 500 leads at a time. Say you need to transfer all the leads one user owns to another user, just filter by ownership, select all and make the change.

The other big change to Leads Inbox is that we have now got a Public Leads API, so you can access all the endpoints you need from the Leads in your Leads Inbox and integrate more tools with Pipedrive’s evolving lead features.

Email Insights and other Insights improvements

You can now find email insights under “Activity” in the “Add new report” pop-up.

Email insights enables you to track how your smart email BCC emails are performing or the effectiveness of the emails you send from the platform you have synced with your Pipedrive account.

You can see how many emails have been sent by your team or by individual reps, how many of those emails were received by contacts and how many were opened. You can also see how many of your emails were tracked.

As with all of Pipedrive’s other Insights reports, you can choose ways to segment and filter the data to see exactly the information you want to see.

We’ve also made an improvement to all reports so that you can now add or remove data columns in the tables that appear when you click on the details of your reports. Soon, you’ll also be able to export these customized lists directly to a spreadsheet, so watch this space!

Pipedrive now syncs with Mailigen

You may remember that we announced the acquisition of Mailigen earlier this year.

Well, now you can sync Pipedrive and Mailigen so that your contacts are accurate across both products.

The sync is easy to set up, and any subsequent change to a contact in one will instantly be reflected in the other.

This article was published on August 6, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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