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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates August 2021

Here are the key updates we made to Pipedrive last month: Users on all our plans can now add custom columns and filters to the Leads Inbox while advanced users and above can schedule emails.

Add custom columns and filters to your Leads Inbox

Users on all our plans can now create custom columns and filters in their Leads Inbox, just as users can in the Deals view.

There’s a gear icon on the top right of the Leads Inbox. Click on it and you’ll be given the option to customize the columns you see in your leads list.

Want to know what lead generation tools are driving leads? Then add the “Source” column. Want to make sure none of your reps have too many leads to manage? You can add the “Owner” column.

You can also add custom filters to your Leads Inbox so that you have better visibility of the information that’s important to you when qualifying leads.

You can then add your custom filters to “Favorites” so that they are easy to find.

Schedule emails in Pipedrive and keep your contacts engaged

Pipedrive users on the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans can now schedule emails to be sent at a future date and time.

This new functionality has many great benefits. Here are just a few ways you can take advantage:

  • Send emails during your off-hours, without connecting to work, if you’re working with customers around the world

  • Schedule team emails to go out at the start of the day to help your reps plan their weeks

  • Create emails at your own time, but send them during working hours

  • Align your email strategy with a time-sensitive campaign or event

Never miss an opportunity to engage your contacts and send the right emails and the right time with this new functionality.

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