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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates July 2020

In this article and video, we share what’s changed and improved in Pipedrive in the last month. We’ve made it much easier to add your colleagues as new team members to Pipedrive. We’ve also introduced activity insights, so you can track how your team is performing on their day-to-day tasks, and required fields, so you can keep your Pipedrive data accurate.

Adding new users is simpler

Adding additional users to Pipedrive is now much easier. All you have to enter is their email address and, once they’ve accepted the invite, they will be prompted to add their name.

Activity insights

Pipedrive’s new activity insights enable you to keep track of your team’s progress, spot when a colleague needs help and plan which activities need to be completed and when.

This feature enables you to create, adjust, view and share visual representations of your team’s sales performance.

You can view activities on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, or even set your own timescale. Here are just a few examples of what you can use activities performance insights to see:

  • How many activities were completed last week
  • How many activities were added last month
  • What activities are planned for the week
  • From all activities planned for this week, how many were completed?
  • How many hours of a certain activity have been done this month

Activity performance insights are available to all our users across our four pricing plans, but if you’re on the professional plan, you’ll be able to view these insights by team. Find it in the Insights section of Pipedrive.

Required fields

We know how vital it is for our users to have clear and accurate data in Pipedrive as, without a consistent approach to data entry and naming conventions, your pipeline becomes disorganized and it can be easy to miss sales opportunities.

That’s why we’ve introduced required fields to deal, person and organization entries.

With required fields, you can ensure that the data your team enters into Pipedrive is complete and accurate and that deals only move to the next pipeline stage when they have the required information.

Pipedrive admins can now make it a requirement for users in their team to fill in specific fields when adding a deal, person or organization to Pipedrive, or when moving to a specific stage in your pipeline. Users can even make it a requirement for users to fill any custom field that they have created.

Here are some of the ways required fields can benefit you and your team:

  • Leadership can establish a standard of data quality for your sales organization
  • Your sales reps can better anticipate when their deals are ready to be moved to the next stage
  • It also helps them understand what information they need from contacts, streamlining the qualification process
  • It’s easier for other teams in your company that rely on sales data to find the information they need
  • Data analysis and sales forecasting are more reliable, as all the deals in the pipeline contain the same information

Required fields are available to Pipedrive users on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

This article was published on July 2, 2020 Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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