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In case you missed It... Pipedrive updates March 2021

In this month’s Pipedrive updates article, we talk you through changes we’ve made to Leads Inbox and Automations. We’ve also added some new videos to Academy to help you perfect your sales technique.

Leads Inbox has new email functionality

All our users now have the same Smart BCC in their Leads Inbox emails that they have elsewhere in Pipedrive (such as in their deals, contacts and more). This means that any email correspondence you send while including this Lead-specific address with BCC will copy the details of that email over to the lead.

Advanced, Professional and Enterprise users get even more: Now, Pipedrive will automatically connect email conversations with your leads if you have the email sync enabled, so you have all your activities and communications.

Soon, we’re going to be adding all the templates and tracking you have in your Sales Inbox to the Leads Inbox, so stay tuned for that.

More control for Automations admin users

For Advanced and Professional accounts that have access to Automations, admin users can now disable the automatic “New Activity” pop-up.

This feature automatically prompts you to schedule your next activity right after you’ve marked one as completed. You’ll need to have a workflow in place to have the ability to disable this pop-up.

New content on the Pipedrive Academy

We’ve added some more videos to Pipedrive Academy.

You’ll find updated demos for both the LeadBooster and Web Visitors add-ons (which, by the way, can now be tracked on your billing page if you’re already a user) and a new Sales Training and Techniques section.

In this new section, we’ll be sharing non-product-related training materials for sales and marketing professionals to help you hone your craft.

You’ll find our Overcoming Objections series, where Pipedrive’s co-founder and former salesperson Timo Rein guides you through best practices when faced with common sales objections. Check out one of the videos below.

There are more Sales Training and Techniques videos coming your way soon.

Finally, we recently hosted a webinar where we invited our customers to join us and talk about how Sales Docs is evolving, with a sneak peek into some of the new features. Check out the replay towards the end of the video embedded at the top of this article.

This article was published on March 4, 2021. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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