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Keep Track of All Your Subscriptions and Repeat Customers with Pipedrive’s Recurring Revenue Feature

Pipedrive users can now set up recurring revenue streams when setting up their deals, allowing you to monitor all subscriptions and repeat payments and provide better service to the customers making them. Now you can flexibly manage one-off and repeat business with no constraints.

We know that many of our customers have products that, like Pipedrive and other SaaS products, are based on a tiered subscription model.

That’s why we’ve created the recurring revenue feature, which enables you to set recurring customer payment amounts for less manual work later. The feature also provides you with visibility of all your recurring payments so that you can understand how that vital KPI, your monthly recurring revenue, is performing.

To set up a recurring revenue plan for a lead or customer, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a subscription billing plan in the Deal view on the left-hand panel under ‘Revenue’
  2. Add the amount payable, number of payments, interval, start date and a comment to add context

If anything changes, you can also easily cancel the recurring revenue subscription in the Deal view. You can also change the terms of the recurring payments quickly and easily, enabling you to be flexible with customers and your own product management.

Recurring revenue also syncs up with many of Pipedrive’s other great features. For example, with Insights users can:

  • Get customizable revenue reports that are joined up with their live sales data
  • View the growth in new or canceled recurring revenue payments
  • Foresee deal, team and client revenue to report cashflow with confidence and readjust strategy if necessary

It will also help you to provide better service to your customers, by giving you insight into their ability to make payments and whether they need support, as well as who your loyal and dependable customers are—those who might deserve rewarding.

The recurring revenue feature is available to Pipedrive Advanced, Professional and Enterprise users. Not a Pipedrive user already? You can try Pipedrive free for 14 days.

This article was published on April 8, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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