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Announcing Security Center: A One-Stop Visual Dashboard with all Your Company Security Data

Keep an eye on company data and security in one easy-to-use, visual dashboard with Pipedrive’s new Security Center, now available to Professional and Enterprise Admin users.

Your lead and customer data are among your most valuable business assets. We know how important it is for Pipedrive admins to know how and when the data in their company’s Pipedrive account is accessed, not to mention who is accessing it.

We also know that this information often needs to be accessed quickly and easily, to prevent potential security breaches or mitigate the impact that a breach could have.

All your security data in one easy-to-use place

That’s why we’ve created the Security Center, which enables you to monitor and manage all your company’s Pipedrive security from one place. It combines all of our security access, alert and data features, including:

  • Security dashboard: Monitor how, where, when and who accesses your company data and deal with any suspect user and account activities when they occur.
  • User access and device logs: Get notified about the times and locations of user logins over the last 60 days. Identify and pinpoint suspicious devices to protect your data and force logouts to prevent risks like account sharing.
  • Rules and alerts: Automate and enforce secure practices by setting custom rules, such as allowing IPs or setting time-restricted access, to stop security breaches and data leaks before they occur.
  • Security management tips: We know that it can often be challenging for business owners and sales managers to ensure their data is secure. In our Security Center, we will provide you with guidance on how to safeguard against vulnerabilities, guide user behavior and tackle security alerts based on your customized user settings.
  • Email notifications and monthly updates: Even though your Pipedrive Security information is all in one place, you probably have to review many other dashboards and tools to stay up-to-date. That’s why we’re also giving you the option to receive an email notification when there is any suspicious activity on your company account. You’ll also receive a monthly report to give you an overview of your company’s Pipedrive security.

How your CRM Security Center can help you keep your data secure

Security Center is an important tool for both new and existing customers.

If you are a new customer setting up an account that will contain sensitive information or a customer who has just upgraded to the Professional plan, you can apply all the necessary settings to keep your data secure from one place. For example:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be enforced for all accounts
  • You can enforce minimum password rules and set a password expiration period
  • You can choose to allow access only from allowed IPs and only during work hours
  • You can then access your dashboard to see active devices, all logins and all device usage data to monitor security

Existing customers will also benefit from having all their security information and features available in one place, enabling them to react quickly to potential security breaches.

For example, say an employee’s Pipedrive-enabled laptop is stolen. Thanks to the features on our CRM Security Center, you have already enforced 2FA for all accounts, so you know the Pipedrive account is secure, but you can also review your email notifications and device logs to ensure that no one accessed Pipedrive on the laptop and remove its access remotely.

The Security Center is available now to all Professional and Enterprise Admin users. Find out more about our plans on our pricing page.

This article was published on June 30, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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