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Sell More Often with This Haven of Time-saving Tactics

What percentage of your average day do you think you spend on revenue-generating activities?

If you're looking to drive fast growth for your business, you want that figure to be nice and high.

At least above 50%.

But think about the time you spend managing menial, annoying, repetitive tasks.

Think of the calls, the meetings, the emails, and the admin you have to manage each and every day.

Managing sales for a fast-scaling company is a brutal, demanding, and all-consuming beast. It's so easy to be overwhelmed by the tsunami of never-ending work.

How much time do you actually spend managing customer relationships?

A recent survey of around 1,000 sales reps by Forbes tackled this questione. Their findings suggest that the average salesperson spends just 35% of their workload on tasks directly related to selling.

That means 65% of your precious work day is spent managing all that other stuff that you've come to accept and struggle through as quickly as possible so you can get back to the one task that drives revenue growth for the business - selling.

You can’t afford to accept this ratio.

You need to work harder in the short term to optimize your workload so you can spend more time on the things that really matter.

And we want to help you crank up your productivity levels and minimize the time you spend on these less important activities.

So we've pulled together a collection of the most helpful, practical, inexpensive and easy-to-implement tactics to increase the efficiency of your sales activities.

Then we grouped these time-saving tactics into a series of short guides split into five key areas of your sales workload:

  1. Meetings
  2. Calls
  3. Emails
  4. Admin
  5. Management

We want to save you as much time as we possibly can so you can invest these recaptured hours back into more important sales conversations and activities.

You'll find a quick summary of each guide below, where you can click through for detailed instructions to help you implement these time-saving sales tactics.

Three Time-Saving Sales Meeting Ideas to Increase Your Conversions

Meetings with no agenda, no timeframe, and no desired outcomes are wasting your time. Poor meeting etiquette may seem like a low priority problem.

But just think about the minutes, hours and days you could save in a year by tightening up your meetings and standardizing your preparation to make things run as smooth as possible.

We want to teach you how to schedule highly relevant and focused meetings that benefit the whole sales team.

This short and snappy collection of time-saving meeting tips gives you practical ideas you can use immediately to clean up your calendar and squeeze more productive time into your day.

Three Simple Time-Saving Tactics to Perfect Your Sales Calling Technique

If you aren’t using automation to make managing your sales calling easier, faster and more effective - you’re getting left behind.

We spotlight a small collection of admin-slashing tech you can sync up with your CRM to simplify your data management and keep all of your contextual information in the one central hub. You can’t afford to miss out on critical info from your previous communication the next time you’re speaking with a customer.

Apart from data management, we also help you streamline your sales calling process. How much time is wasted looking up phone numbers, making sure it’s for the right person and actually dialing? More than you might expect.

These are the types of small time-suckers that keep adding up into hours worth of administrative burden that you could otherwise spend on making more calls and closing more deals!

Spend More Minutes Selling With These Time Saving Sales Hacks

Take control of your workday with these time saving sales tactics that will focus your meetings and calls, and help you tackle admin tasks.

Four Time-Saving Sales Email Tips to Help You Spend More Time Selling

This bundle of time-saving tactics teaches you how to build a repeatable email process that not only saves time but also makes your sales emails look personalized, consistent and authentic instead of some low-converting, cookie-cutter junk.

You’ll find four simple and practical tactics. They aren’t groundbreaking, but they are specific, with easy-to-implement instructions. We’ve linked out to the automation tools that make managing sales emails so much more efficient.

We offer up a few strategies for both sending email and managing your inbox so you can speed up outbound emails and organize inbound emails.

Five Time-Saving Admin Tactics to Minimize Annoying, Repetitive Tasks

Time spent managing administrative tasks is the time you should be spending on developing relationships with leads and customers. A salesperson who likes doing repetitive, menial tasks is in the wrong career. You don’t get paid to push paper.

You can't afford to waste precious selling time on things you can automate.

We give you five admin time-slashing automation tactics that are easy to set up, quick to pay off, and inexpensive to implement (some are even free). Plus, you’ll also find some bonus info on how to delegate administrative work so that you and your sales team can concentrate on selling.

Five Time-Saving Sales Management Tactics to Help You Scale Your Process

If you’re managing your own sales process, or a team of sales reps, you need to free up as much time as possible to focus on the things that matter - revenue producing activities.

This bundle includes a collection of five simple, practical tactics designed to simplify selling for your team, helping them focus on the things that matter.

You can’t afford to get lost in a swamp of data. Reporting, tracking, and forecasting should help you scale rather than rob you of precious time you could be spending on growing your business.

We show you how the right tools and tech to use to ease the burden on managerial tasks. You’ll also find tactics to help you improve the efficiency of your sales process so you can speed up growth and add more team members to your business without losing momentum.

Use These Tactics to Sell More and Sell More Often

Get started on implementing these time-saving tactics right now. You don't have to settle for an excruciating mountain of administrative tasks each and every day. Fast growth doesn’t have to demand a 60 hour work week. Helpful tech and smart management can simplify, automate and prioritize your time - allowing you to focus on the key growth drivers of your business (and steal you back some time to live a life outside of the office).

These tactics aren't magic tricks. They aren't hacks and shortcuts. We're not after a quick fix without a long-term payoff.

Don’t expect these tactics to directly result in more revenue.

We're trying to help you save time on those less important tasks so you can focus more time, care and attention on the stuff that really matters: selling. And that's not an easy job.

But, if you use these tactics to simplify your sales process, automate your admin and develop the most efficient routine possible, you can save hours of your month that can be used to focus on more important strategic tasks.

Spend More Minutes Selling With These Time Saving Sales Tactics

Take control of your workday with these time saving sales tactics that will focus your meetings and calls, and help you tackle admin tasks.

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