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Seven new Pipedrive integrations to help you sell

It’s been another busy month for our integrations team as they’ve added seven great partners to the Pipedrive ecosystem.

We’d like to welcome CardFetch, Help Scout, Slaask, Leadberry, Mixmax, JustCall and SalesWings to the Pipedrive fold.


CardFetch allows you to create a digital business card and share it quickly and easily with people you meet.

You can store your own business cards and the cards of your leads with Cardfetch, giving you access to all your contacts’ information in one place.

You can share any digital business cards you’ve stored on the app, not just your own.

To upload business cards to CardFetch, you just need to scan the physical version and the app will store the details.

CardFetch can synchronize with your Pipedrive and email accounts, streamlining your workflow and helping you track what business cards you exchanged during meetings and events.

Find out more about CardFetch on the Pipedrive Marketplace page.

Help Scout

Keeping your sales and support teams on the same page is critical for a cohesive customer experience. Integrating Pipedrive with Help Scout empowers your support team to reference the sales data they need when responding to inquiries and supporting customers.

Once you install the integration, it will automatically sync data between your Pipedrive and Help Scout accounts. Which helps you build out and manage your business's customer base. You can now see up to three Pipedrive deal stages — like deal value, pipeline stage and expected close date — right where you’re responding to customers in Help Scout.

Visit Help Scout


Integrating Pipedrive with Slaask will connect your Slaask to your Pipedrive.

From there, you’ll be able to:

  • Push leads and customers generated via Slaask to your Pipedrive account
  • Help your leads and customers resolve their requests in real time
  • Monitor all interactions between your prospects and your company in your Pipedrive account

After you integrate Pipedrive with Slaask:

  1. You can type “!crm info” in the visitor channel on your Slack to check a lead’s or customer’s Pipedrive information
  2. You can type “!crm update” in the visitor channel on your Slack to update a lead’s or customer’s Pipedrive information
  3. The information you add to your contact on Slack will synchronize to Pipedrive automatically

Visit Slaask


Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software, powered by Google Analytics, that converts website visitors to sales leads.

Working together with Pipedrive, all leads generated by Leadberry will automatically show as a “Lead In” deal in Pipedrive.

You can instantly start to follow up on your sales prospects using only one CRM tool, making your sales process faster and more effective.

Just copy your Pipedrive API key and paste it to Leadberry: go to Settings/CRM settings/Pipedrive. All the rest will just happen automatically.

Visit Leadberry


Mixmax gives you powerful analytics, automation, and calendaring for all of your sales communications. Now, you can seamlessly sync all of your activities directly to Pipedrive. So you can focus on closing sales, not logging activity.

Setup is as easy as it is powerful. Simply grab your auto-Bcc address from Pipedrive and add the address to Mixmax under CRM & Team Live Feed settings. To control what is synced, you can specify email domains, email addresses, even particular emails you want to exclude from being logged to Pipedrive.

Visit Mixmax


The JustCall integration lets you make, receive and log all your calls and text messages without leaving Pipedrive.

You get access to all your call recordings, missed calls and voicemails at a click of a button right inside your Pipedrive dashboard.

Our JustCall's Chrome extension adds click to call and click to text buttons beside every phone number, making it easier for Pipedrive users to make calls or send text messages.

The ability to make or receive calls without leaving Pipedrive can save at least 5 hours of effort every month and increase your team's productivity.

Visit JustCall


Saleswings increases your sales team’s deal closing rate by prioritizing your most sales-ready Pipedrive leads through website tracking and lead scoring.

You can track your leads by quickly integrating with your favorite tools including Mailchimp, Gmail, Gravity forms, Reply.io and dozens of others. Saleswings syncs your lead’s website visit history along with their sales-readiness (lead score) to Pipedrive, and shows you the hottest leads in a Chrome sidebar.

“Since using the Saleswings integration the deal closing rate of our inside sales team has gone up by a solid 20%. It’s now perfectly integrated in our existing Pipedrive workflow." - Ariel Lanis, Regional Director USA & UK, ActiveTrail Email Marketing

You can try Saleswings lead website tracking for Pipedrive for free for 30 days and its Pipedrive integration can be set up in seconds.

Visit Saleswings

This article was published on April 26, 2017. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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