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South Africans Are the Best Closers in the World, Beating USA and UK


For the second year running, South Africa is top of the conversion rate league table, as revealed by Pipedrive’s annual Global Sales Review – published today.

Every year, Pipedrive analyzes 70,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of salespeople from around the world. The anonymized metadata provides a snapshot of sales performances across 34 different countries and spans a range of sectors.

We’ve pulled together some of the key findings below, but you can read the full Sales Performance Management Review to find so much more detail.

The best closers work in South Africa

As those who work in sales know, conversion rate is one of the top measures for sales skills. Data from Pipedrive reveals that South Africa is number one on the conversion rate league table for the second year in a row.

Brazilians are quickest to ‘yes’

Another highly-regarded measure of performance is the speed of revenue coming in. On this indicator, our findings show salespeople in Brazil are the quickest, requiring less than 30 days to close a deal. In second and third place are South Africa and Chile.

US and European countries continue to do their thing

While companies in traditionally developed economies, such as the US and European countries, occupy middle-ranking positions in terms of conversion rate and velocity, they do still have unique considerations to bear in mind. These include higher purchasing power, more expensive products and services, and more rigorous purchasing processes.

Manufacturing tops the industry conversion rate league table

In this year’s data, manufacturing records a 31.12% conversion rate. That's the highest throughout all sectors and nearly double the average. Trade and construction are runners-up, followed by creative industries.

High performers vs low performers

High performers have a 36.97% conversion rate and they take on average 36.5 days to close a deal. For low performers, the average conversion rate is 4.95% and they take 53.62 days to close.

For a closer look at how the best salespeople are striving to get ahead, take a look at the full Sales Performance report now.

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