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How Using Toky Through Pipedrive Makes Sales Calling Easier

You just finished a really promising call.

There’s a bunch of things you need to follow up on.

You know you have to enter these notes from the call into the deal in your CRM. You have to send a couple of case studies, set up a new call time, prep a proposal to share…

Until, BAM… *Phone Rings*

You’re interrupted by that new call coming in.

Suddenly, you’re in that familiar state of juggling too many things at once, and even though a red hot lead is priority – you have to give that next prospect your undivided attention.

But what happens when you get off the second call and you need to update your CRM with both calls?

You’re bound to forget something. Frustratingly, that something you forget could potentially cost you a deal worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

You Can Start Using Automation to Help You Handle Call Data

Wouldn’t it make sense to have call logging automated for you?

You can’t afford to do everything on your own.

If you want to scale fast, you need to automate admin tasks like this wherever you can. You need to be able to rely on a repeatable sales process so you can quickly handover control to a teammate or to induct a new sales rep to help ease the load. Sales automation technology can’t develop relationships, but it can remove the manual, repetitive tasks to help you focus on the important parts of selling.

Automation can help you drive scalable revenue growth.

In this case, what if your phone system could be integrated with your CRM? You could have the ability to make and receive calls, then automatically log and categorize call data into one centralized hub as you move a prospect further down the funnel.

And imagine having this call data automatically arranged by contact and deal in your sales hub, so you no longer need to use multiple apps just to get things done.

Pipedrive and Toky can help you make it happen.

Turn Talk Into Action With These Cold Calling Scripts

Download these customizable cold calling scripts to convert more conversations into qualified leads

Toky Automatically Arranges Your Call Data Neatly Into Your CRM Contact Profiles

You need to know the context of your conversations with an existing lead or customer before your next conversation. Leveraging this pre-call knowledge can be the difference between closing a deal, nailing an upsell or losing a red-hot lead altogether.

Toky is a virtual phone system that allows a business to communicate with its customers in a more efficient way. It offers social authentication and contextual calling to improve your response time and go “straight to the point” in the call.

With Toky, salespeople can expect a simple visual interface, which lets them contact vendors with a simple click in a browser or mobile web page, or even through a dedicated mobile app.

Toky helps companies avoid spending big amounts of money to set up a call center solution and buy toll free numbers – all clients need to do is create a profile for their company, setup the links to publish on their social channels, and get online to start receiving calls.

Toky allows you to automatically log inbound and outbound calls, record them and click to call inside your CRM. You can call leads and contacts with a single click without leaving Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Toky Integration

You’ll also be able to automatically log text messages, voicemails and missed calls for all contacts with all the details you need for reporting on those activities. This simplifies your reporting and monitoring by giving visibility of call data in context of each deal or contact within Pipedrive.

Toky also automatically syncs with Pipedrive’s phone records so every time you receive a call, you will know who is calling. This gives you a heads up so you can know where to pick up from where you last left off with the prospect, so you don’t stumble through the call and sound unprofessional.

A Call Made in the Pipedrive Toky Integration

2 Time-Saving Ways Toky Can Help You Automate Admin

Call planning – you can schedule different types of activities in advance with your customers and one of them is the scheduled call. Having your notes and info about previous calls helps you remember what stage you are at, the goal of the call, where you left off and what your next steps are. This pre-call info can be the difference between closing a deal, upselling a new offering or losing a deal due to lack of preparedness.

Pipedrive Toky integration

“Nothing is more dangerous than following each idea and requirement without having a clear strategy and a solid plan for what to achieve. The risk is that many things will be done, but no goals will be achieved.” says Tamara Schenk, sales enablement pro and Research Director at CSO Insights.

You need to own your sales conversations.

Always have a plan – don’t wing it.

Follow up calls – using the Pipedrive and Toky integration you get the automatic logging of each call to clients and prospects, just use Tokys click to call extension for Pipedrive.

Your CRM will remind you that it is time for a follow up (because calls and deal stage were previously recorded and categorized by Toky), and you can go right into the CRM and use the click to call extension to call right from Pipedrive.

“Not following up with your prospects is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain.” – Michelle Moore, author of “Selling Simplified”.

A salesperson who fails to follow up is a soon to be an unemployed salesperson.

Toky and Pipedrive allow you to automatically send a notification to the correct salesperson to follow up at the appropriate time based on the sales process you have set. This way, you’ll stop losing your best leads because a missed follow-up opportunity slipped through the cracks.

How do You Start Using the Toky Integration to Handle Your Call Data?

It’s super easy to get started with Toky through Pipedrive:

  • Go to Integrations
  • Click on connect to start the integration
  • Enter in your Pipedrive subdomain
  • Select what call events (inbound, outbound, voicemail and/ or SMS) you would like Toky to log into your Pipedrive account
  • Select other actions like:
    • Adding unknown callers as persons – create contacts automatically if they don’t exist in Pipedrive.
    • Ability to search custom fields
  • Set up notification language
  • Map the agents to accounts
  • Install the click to call Chrome extension
  • Enable the integration
  • $Start making money$

Toky is a powerful tool that can help sales teams save time and be more productive.

If you really want to turbocharge this integration, add Zapier to your stack to automate the workflow. When Toky automatically logs your calls, sms texts, voicemail etc. and categorizes events – the Zapier integration can use those categorized events to trigger automated next steps.

You can automatically move a deal to a new stage based on the triggers you set, or you can notify the owner of the account to undertake a given activity so you can respond accordingly to each event.

How much time would that save you each week?

Turn Talk Into Action With These Cold Calling Scripts

Download these customizable cold calling scripts to convert more conversations into qualified leads

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