We Have Updated Our Zapier Triggers and Actions

Zapier Pipedrive integration

We have some great news from the Zapier automation department. We’ve added new triggers and actions to our book of tricks. The old ones are still intact, but they will be easy to distinguish from the new ones, as they will have (Legacy) added to at the end of their titles.

The new triggers have access to much more data for linked items (to the person and organization linked to the deal). So if you have a deal trigger, you can now fetch the phone number and email address of the person, the postal address of the organization, or any other information linked to the deal, including custom field information.

The new actions are now able to accept Pipedrive IDs to improve Pipedrive - Pipedrive automation. For example, if you have a deal trigger to add an activity automatically each time a deal is moved to a stage, you can now link the activity to the deal using the Deal ID instead of the deal title.

NB! If a zap creates a new deal based on an existing one, it is necessary to add something the to deal title, so add “production”, “delivery”, “v2” or similar to avoid duplication.  So for a zap like "if deal is won create a new deal in delivery pipeline for it", make sure to add “delivery” or similar to the new deal title.

Be sure to check out the zapbook at Zapier’s website to learn about all the possible tricks you could teach Pipedrive with Zapier’s help.