Affordable CRM for small businesses

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for a complicated customer relationship management tool. Discover how an inexpensive CRM solution like Pipedrive uses powerful features that are not available in free CRMs to help you organize, manage and scale your business with ease.

What should an affordable CRM help your small business achieve?

For your business to grow, your contact management system must grow too. Pipedrive’s intuitive, affordable CRM is perfect for business owners with no contact database experience or tech skills.

The best CRM for your business will help you organize your data in one place for a tidier, more efficient day-to-day workflow.

Save time with automated activities

Streamline your workflow, set up marketing automations and automatically trigger deal notifications. Spend less time on admin and more time on relationship building.

Visualize your pipeline to sharpen your focus

Visualize your entire sales process and build flows to focus on the warmest deals. Easily identify bottlenecks and stagnant leads with a 360-degree view of your sales pipeline.

Try before you buy, risk-free

See how Pipedrive’s CRM software can help grow your small business with efficient tools, actionable insights and easy contact management. Try it free for 14 days without the need for a credit card.

Track every email to stay on top of deals

Know when a contact has opened your email and clicked on a link. Get notifications and follow up with prospects at exactly the right time.

Streamline your contact management

Import, organize, store and manage contacts across your company. From prospects to customers, suppliers and investors, centralize their data and communications in one easy-to-use tool.

Customize to suit your business

Tailor your CRM to the unique goals and processes of your business. Customize your pipeline, contact tags and email templates, so your brand feels the same across every touchpoint.

How Pipedrive helps small businesses grow (without breaking the bank)

Growing your business often means adding multiple complex tools to your tech stack, which can get expensive. Pipedrive’s affordable CRM comes with top features for operating a business that you can’t get in free CRM programs, like bespoke reporting, complete customizability, marketing automation and more.

Pipedrive offers a free 14-day trial period so you can discover the scaling power of our CRM system. Find out for yourself how easy and cost-effective it is to get started. We’re confident that you won’t look back.

Detailed insights and reporting

Make meaningful decisions that help you drive growth and improve sales forecasting thanks to in-depth analytics about your leads, customers, sales deals and revenue.

Share customized report dashboards across your business with the metrics that matter to each team, including industry benchmarking and performance monitoring at every level.

Learn about insights and reports with Pipedrive

Manage unlimited customer data

Capture, store and segment customer data from a variety of sources. Label stakeholders with Custom Field functionality to differentiate between prospects, leads and clients.

Thanks to an unlimited database, your CRM will grow with you as you manage more contact information. You can even visualize where everyone sits in your funnel and add notes for context ahead of calls.

Discover how to manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Run tasks on auto-pilot

Focus your time on valuable activities like relationship building and product development, while Pipedrive takes over repetitive tasks for you.

Automate contact imports, email communications, follow-up notifications and performance reports. Add automatic chat functions to your website to better connect customer inquiries to the right person.

Find out about how to automate with Pipedrive

Fully tracked communications

Keep all your customer communications tidy and organized with the Contacts Timeline for a visual overview of every interaction someone has with your business.

Never go trawling for old emails again. Access comprehensive communications history quickly and easily in your CRM to help you get context and deliver a better customer experience.

Stay connected and track communications with Pipedrive

Vault-like privacy and security

Keep your sensitive business and customer data protected. Get peace of mind that everything is locked away safely in Pipedrive.

Manage who, when and where your CRM can be accessed. Get customizable access controls that help you identify potential security threats fast.

Ensure your data is private and secure with Pipedrive

How Monterail increased their conversions with Pipedrive

The sales and marketing teams at software development consultancy Monterail didn’t feel HubSpot’s free plan had enough functionality to keep up with their growing business.

Now teams across the company are happy they made the switch to a more powerful and more intuitive Pipedrive CRM. They’ve also seen significant business outcomes with increases in conversion rates.

"Pipedrive organises my work in such a useful way that I spend most of my workday inside it."

Read the case study

A cheap CRM needs to be reliable. Here’s what it should help you achieve

The best free CRM tools allow you to collect your customer data in one place. With an affordable option, you can go much further.

Optimize all the touchpoints across your business, link marketing tools, customer support capability and sales teams, and reliably store all the information you need at your fingertips. Pipedrive helps you and your team to:

  • Build a pipeline that fits your unique sales process with customization and streamline contact management
  • Record important information about every contact in your CRM, such as account status and purchase activity
  • See an overview of each stakeholder and their communication history with the Contact Timeline
  • Integrate with hundreds of tools used across your industry, like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, and build workflow automations
  • Automate document sending, SMS updates and sales notifications to ensure everyone is kept in the loop
  • Track email activity, including opens and clicks, to understand how people are engaging with your business

How to use your CRM to grow your business

Smart integrations to take your small business forward

Supercharge your cheap CRM software with powerful integrations that take your sales, marketing and customer experience to the next level. Pipedrive’s CRM platform is a flexible base for you to build on with the tools and mobile apps crucial to your industry.

Here are some integrations that your business can benefit from:


Automatically move information between your Pipedrive CRM and thousands of other popular apps with Zapier.

Automate with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.


Forget unnecessary meetings and back and forth emails. Instead, collaborate with others and update your whole team in real time on Slack.

Connect with Pipedrive’s Slack integration.

Microsoft Teams

Schedule and join Microsoft Teams video calls directly from Pipedrive and add visibility and context to deals with automatic team updates.

Discover Pipedrive’s Microsoft Teams integration.

Smart Docs

Create professional, customizable and trackable documents with Smart Docs. Easily collect eSignatures on contracts and proposals, share quotes and more.

Sign and send with Pipedrive's Smart Docs.


Boost your sales engagement with scalable personalization tools and automatic sales funnel activities thanks to Klenty.

Learn about Pipedrive’s Klenty integration.


Instantly turn your CRM into a call center system and make, receive and track calls directly within Pipedrive for a better customer experience.

Chat with Pipedrive’s JustCall integration.

Generate more sales without the astronomical fees!