Zoho vs Base

Having a tough time making up your mind? Both Zoho and Base are good CRMs but they have very different options for application. Here’s a list of aspects you should keep in mind when drawing up your comparison between not only Zoho vs Base CRM, but sales tools too.

Like most productivity software, it should be simple

The goal of a productivity tool should be… well to increase your team’s productivity. If you end up choosing a CRM that’s too heavy and full of features that get in your way rather than make your work simpler, then no one’s going to be happy in your team. That said, your sales CRM should be quick and easy to set up and even better to use. Wasted productivity is a waste of money.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your sales - keep it visual

Want to get a good overview of your sales - how far are your deals along the funnel, which deals are stuck and should receive immediate attention, and do you need to work on more deals to hit your quota? If so, keep your tool visual. Only a tool that shows you these aspects of your sales pipeline can keep deals from falling through the cracks. A visual tool is also loved by users, which is important, if you want your team to use the tool constantly - day in, day out. Also, if you need a spreadsheet and a list, you’re better off choosing Excel.

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Zoho vs Base

Zoho is ideal for a large corporation who requires all the bells and whistles of a full-featured bulky big corp CRM. Small and medium sized companies, however, don’t often need all the bloat packed in conventional CRMs. Instead, they need a dynamic and nimble solution. Base offers a similar full-featured solution to Zoho or Salesforce albeit slightly simpler to use, keeping in mind SMEs might still find themselves overwhelmed.

Other tools to review

Comparing Zoho vs Base is a good option if you’re seeking to use a heavy and full-featured. However, if you’re looking for a CRM tool focused on helping you improve your sales productivity by making sure you follow up with every contact, take a look at Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is a CRM-replacing sales tool that’s not only focused on getting salespeople more productive, but great for anyone seeking to get super organized and concentrated on driving deals to close in less time. You can set it up in minutes and it’s incredibly easy to use – simply drag and drop your deals between your different pipeline stages. With native Android and iOS mobile apps, Pipedrive makes sure you don’t drop the ball even when you’re travelling or simply on-the-go.

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Love this program. It is the only CRM that I actually want to use. Having a CRM that you don't want to use leads to your team not using it. What's the point of that. Pipedrive is built by sales people, for sales people.
Rick Feineis,
Managing Partner & Senior Trainer, CAD Training Online

Pipedrive is a sales tool for small teams with big ambitions

We’ve built a CRM tool that’s great not only for salespeople, but also anyone wanting to get super organized and close deals in less time.

About half of our customers liked us so much they switched from their existing CRM; the other half didn’t even know they needed Pipedrive until they tried it.

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Zoho vs Base - Pipedrive CRM Comparison
Zoho vs Base - Pipedrive CRM Comparison