Flip Your Phone - Landscape View Arrives On iOS

Pipedrive was initially born from the need for better, more visual sales pipeline management and as such, the sales pipeline view has been a key feature in Pipedrive's web application. We've built the mobile pipeline view in a different manner, displaying only one stage at a time due to more compact smartphone screens - until now, that is.

Pipedrive iOS app landscape mode

Knowing how important it is to get a complete visual overview of all of your deals, we are happy to announce that Pipedrive's iOS app is now landscape-ready and lets you see the full pipeline view that you've grown accustom to on the web app.

Simply rotate your device and see more deals and stages in your sales pipeline. Zoom out to see a complete overview of your pipeline and all the deals in it.

Just make sure you've turned off the Rotation Lock in your iPhone's Control Center.

Don't have the iOS app yet? Click on the icon below.

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